From Star Wars Card Games To Models The 1983 Wish Book Had It All

We are wrapping up our look at the amazing amount of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi merchandise that was being offered in the 1983 Sears Wish Book…and even so…there is still more items than I’ve covered these last three days.

As you can see up top a kid back in 1983 could have requested to either carry into the mock battle of their youth the E-11 Blaster Rifle widely used by Imperial Stormtroopers or swagger down the street with their DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. For myself, I in fact requested the Battle at Sarlacc’s Pit for that Christmas…and never got it. Sigh.
ROTJ Laser Rifle - Sears Wish Book 1983

On the other hand I was lucky enough to get the adorable Wicket the Ewok plush and I can say that I still have it in my collection.
Wicket - Sears Wish Book 1983Plush Ewoks - Sears Wish Book 1983

I’m not positive but judging by the product description for the Return of the Jedi movie storybook…I think that Sears at that time was secretly affiliated with the Empire. How about that Admiral Ackbar vinyl collectible? They even included glow-in-the-dark paints?!
ROTJ Books - Sears Wish Book 1983
ROTJ - Storybook - Sears Wish Book 1983

Last but certainly not least were the Return of the Jedi models. Jabba’s Palace looks nice and all but I think I would have gone for the B-Wing myself!
ROTJ Models - Sears Wish Book 1983
ROTJ Models Pricing - Sears Wish Book 1983

1983 Sears Wish Book Had You Covered For Return Of The Jedi Furniture!

We continue our look at the hot toys and merchandise related to Return of the Jedi from the 1983 Sears Wish Book, flipping from action figures and playsets to the many pieces of furniture and even breakfast and bath products one could have ordered.

As you can see from up top there was a wide rang of product…although I must say I’m tempted to say that hands down if I could have anything offered in the catalog it would be that R2-D2 Toter!
ROTJ - Sears Wish Book 1983 - R2 pricing
ROTJ - Sears - Wish Book 1983 - Table
ROTJ Pricing - Sears Wish Book 1983

Of course when you get down to it how could you resist not picking those incredible and colorful quilts?!
ROTJ Bedsheets
ROTJ Quilt Pricing

Do you know how huge Return of the Jedi was in the 1983 Sears Wish Book?

With Return of the Jedi being released on May 25, 1983 it only makes sense that it would have been on the hot toy items list in the Sears Wish Book for that year. Even so I was totally amazed at just how many items and toys were available that year…so much so that I cannot remotely squeeze them into this single post.

So expect more over the weekend showcasing the clothes, stuffed animals, and various collectibles that were part of the Return of the Jedi line. It wasn’t just Jabba the Hutt overseeing his Droid Dungeon. You also could have asked for the Sears Exclusive, the Imperial Cruiser or even the Imperial Attack Base!

Sears - WB 1983

Jabba - Sears - Wish Book 1983

Hoth Base - Sears - Wish Book 1983

Imperial Cruiser - Sears - Wish Book 1983

As I’ve mentioned before on the site I totally wanted that Y-Wing fighter for the longest time…it would take 31 years before I finally got my hands on one though. You could have set your heart on the AT-ST or the Imperial TIE Fighter or even the Speeder Bike if you needed to aim smaller.

Biker Scout - Sears - Wish Book 1983

Scout Walker - Sears - Wish Book 1983

Speeder Bike - Sears - Wish Book 1983

Naturally there was a large selection of action figures available for order!

Return of the Jedi - Kenner - Sears - Wish Book 1983

Yoda - Sears - Wish Book 1983

Return of the Jedi - Figures - Sears - Wish Book 1983

With all of those figures you surely needed an easy way to carry them around from your house to your Grandparents, thankfully you had the option of the awesome C-3PO carrying case and another Sears Exclusive…the Space Case!

Space Case - Sears - Wish Book 1983

C3PO - Sears - Wish Book - 1983

Check Out These Smurfy 1985 Wish Book Pajamas!

While I admit that these neat looking Smurf pajamas that were offered in the 1985 Sears Wishbook are just Smurfy…it’s those hats the kids are wearing that make me want to Smurf back in time and snatch them off their heads for my own!

Smurf Pajamas - Text

But it wasn’t just Smurf pajamas that were up for grabs from the 1985 Wish Book, not by a long shot, you also had My Little Pony and the Cabbage Patch Kids!
Cabbage Patch Kids - My Little Pony - Smurfs - Sears Wish Book 1985
Cabbage Patch Kids Text

Or you could go with the correct choice and choose these awesome Optimus Prime and Megatron blanket Pajamas.
Transformers - Sears Wish Book 1985
Transformers pajamas Text