1988’s Baseball’s Greatest Gross Outs Trading Cards

Just last week while dropping in at the arcade to hang out with good friend to the Retroist, Phillip Cary, he surprised me with an awesome gift. An unopened pack of 1988 Baseball’s Greatest Gross Outs by Leaf that he had won at a recent auction for retro memorabilia.
Baseball's Greatest Gross Outs 2
So of course I had to open them. Thanks to Shawn Robare’s Branded in the 80s site I was able to learn that Inkpot Award winner B.K. Taylor was the illustrator for these groovy and gross pack of baseball stickers.

Now once I broke the seal on the pack the first thing that popped into my head was that by all means I wasn’t going to be enjoying this stick of 28 year old gum. Nope. Straight in the trash it went!
Baseball's Greatest Gross Outs - Stick of Gum
Right away I realized that on the back of some of the stickers – the card stock presented part of a poster image and thanks to Shawn I was shocked to learn that I would need 36 of the 88 sticker set to complete that poster.
Baseball's Greatest Gross Outs - Gary Back
While the backing of some of the other cards presented frightful facts about the players themselves like these two for Laidback Larry and Skinny Vinny!
Baseball's Greatest Gross Outs - Laidback Larry
Baseball's Greatest Gross Outs - Laidback Larry Back
Baseball's Greatest Gross Outs - Skinny Vinny
Baseball's Greatest Gross Outs - Skinny Vinny Back
Now most of these cards present a humorous look at the monsters…but there was one…and I can’t explain why but it really creeped me out. I present to you Cardinal Carl. Who might be waiting in the dark of your closet when you turn your back!
Baseball's Greatest Gross Outs - Cardinal Carl
Here are the rest of the cards in the pack for your enjoyment:

So now I am going to have to head to eBay and try to find a complete collection of Baseball’s Greatest Gross Outs!

Branded in the 80’s Jem Trading Cards Are Truly Outrageous!

Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s has once again taken a good hard look at the many cards that were made available to those of us that grew up in the 1980’s and come to the realization that Topps and others missed a toy and animated series ripe for trading cards that would have been truly outrageous!

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

Thankfully Shawn went about and fixed that mistake for himself, and even with the series that Shawn has already created and co-created like Adventures in Babysitting, Monster Squad, Rad, Young Guns and Young Guns II…I think these are his best yet, as usual it presents the cards in a style that look like he did in fact travel back in time to pick up a few packs. I have to add that it’s very shocking to me that with Jem’s popularity back in the day that Hasbro didn’t actually produce such a series.

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

Make sure to jump on over to Branded in the 80s to check out the entire series, tell them that Synergry sent you!

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

Cocoa Puffs Cereal with Battlestar Galactica Create a Scene Cards

To help promote the exciting sci-fi TV show Battlestar Galactica General Mills released a set of collectible cards that you got free in packages. The set was a whopping 16 pieces, which was pretty large for a cereal and they ranged in size and “use”. They had standard cards, stickers, cut-outs and very cool “create-a-scene” cards.

We had some of these cards, but our family habit was to use anything we got out of a cereal box and if it involved stickers we were allowed to stick it on the basement door. So the entire side of the door that faced the basement was plastered with stickers from the seventies and eighties and none of them made it into a box or album to be collected.

This commercial for Cocoa Puffs features the coolest of the cards, the create-a-scenes. I have attempted to put together a collection of these cards as an adult, but have failed to score any of them at reasonable prices.

1989 Topps Trading Cards For Ghostbusters II

Much like with 1988’s Die Hard I consider Ghostbusters II to a Christmas film, even if the climax of the movie takes place during New Year’s Eve. Part of that I’m sure has to do with the montage of Egon, Ray, Peter, and Winston getting down to the business of busting ghosts while wearing Santa hats.

All images courtesy of the Trading Card Database.

All images courtesy of the Trading Card Database.

I really miss the style of Topps trading cards but at least you can check out the entire Ghostbusters II collection and more at the Trading Card Database!

It should really come as no surprise as to which Ghostbuster is my favorite.
Ghostbusters II - Ray - Topps Trading Cards

Ghostbusters II - Ray Back - Topps Trading Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day, 1930’s style


I’ve bought a fair number of Valentine cards over the past 20 years and they’ve always had a certain theme. I guess you could call it ‘romantic’. That makes sense, if you want to woo a potential partner, or reaffirm your love for someone, then a card that promotes those feelings of romance is definitely the way to go.

Which makes me wonder why cards produced 80 years ago were so… what’s the word? Unromantic? I know that times were different and sexual equality had a long way to go but did these cards make any woman feel special?


Images above and an endless supply of other vintage Valentine cards can be found at the Vintage Valentine Museum.