Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Stephen King's It - Gallery 1988

Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo At Gallery 1988!

You read that heading correctly, friends. It’s going to be Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo at the Gallery 1988 on June 8th. Or at the very least the two talented artists will have their artwork featured in a special exhibit entitled Versus. We have never been shy with sharing our appreciated of the artwork of Tom Whalen. Whether that be the artist’s renditions of the villainous Soundwave. The Great Pumpkin as well as Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and more. Dave Perillo is no stranger to being featured on the Retroist either. But when Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo…all fans of pop culture win!

I want to thank Germain Lussier of io9 for the heads up on the art show in the first place. It turns out that Gallery 1988 will be selling 47 sets of artwork during the show. Each of course in sets of two with a hero and villain getting the spotlight. Hence the reason for the exhibit being called Versus. 28 of those sets will feature artwork by Dave Perillo with 19 by Whalen.

I am certain you might be wondering what kind of pop culture will be on display and for sale. Well, how about Perillo’s take on Stripe and Gizmo from 1984’s Gremlins?

Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Gremlins - Gallery 1988

All images are courtesy of Gallery 1988.

Or perhaps you might prefer Whalen’s face off featuring Doctor Who and a Dalek?
Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Doctor Who - Gallery 1988

On the other hand you might go for Perillo’s Metroid with Samus Aran versus Mother Brain instead!
Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Metroid - Gallery 1988

I realize of course if instead you feel in a more groovy mood and decide that you can’t live without Tom Whalen’s Ash Williams and Evil Ash from Army of Darkness!
Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Gallery 1988 - Army of Darkness

Please hop over to the Gallery 1988 official site to learn more about the show on Friday. As well as picking up some beautiful artwork from their shop too.

While not part of the Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo exhibit. Take the time to check out this 2015 exhibit at Gallery 1988 for Guillermo Del Toro!

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Space Invaders

Animated original Atari 2600 Space Invaders box art

Today on Twitter I sent out a request. I would like to see a version of Space Invaders based on the art that displayed in their 1980s catalog. This art is colorful and evocative. It seems ripe for a way to reboot the game in a new way that is also respectful of the title’s history.

Space Invaders Catalog Art

Almost immediately, Rediscover the 80s shared a video on Twitter that is an even better idea. Take the original box art and turn those into games. Not only is it a great idea, but an example of exists that they were nice enough to share.

Done by Delaney Digitial, it is a short animation using components from the original Atari 2600 Space Invaders box art. It is compelling to watch and is enough of a proof of concept for me to put my money down on a pre-order. Sadly the animator of the piece does not seem to be pushing this in game form. Nothing we can do about that, but maybe if enough people watch and share this art, they will develop more original animated game art. (C’mon Basic Math!)

That art in turn could inspire some talented developer to make my retro gaming dreams come true.

Watch the original Space Invaders Box Art come to life

While at Delaney Digital, check out some of their other creations, including this modern interpretation of an Atari Console.

3D render of a concept Atari console and controller by Delaney Digital.

Done in all black, like the Atari “Vader,” I find this console a much more compelling offering than the upcoming Atari VCS. Stylistically is looks back to the past while still presenting a modern style console. I would like to think that if Atari had stayed in business all these years, this is what would be in stores.

At this point, I guess we would be at the Atari 26,000. That is adding 2600 to each release after 7800 and trying to match up with each generation releases by Nintendo. For brevity’s sake, lets calls it the Atari 26K.

The Art of David A. Trampier

David A. Trampier or DAT, put together some of the most iconic roleplaying game art. His fingerprints are all over the early version of the game. Sadly he passed away and before that mysteriously stopped producting the fantasy style art we all loved.

I am constantly looking at his art in the many books I own. When online I find myself saving his work in a folder on my desktop to just look at when I need a pick me up.

Since I know a lot of other fans of DAT are out there, I thought I would share this folder and I will add to it as I scan or find more of it.

Do you have a favorite bit of DAT Art? Is it posted here? If not, tell me which one and I will find it and add it to the gallery.

The Art of David A. Trampier

Universal Monsters - Dracula - Phantom City Creative

Mondo Gallery Presents The Universal Monsters!

The Universal Monsters are hands down my favorite series of films. Indeed of all time. I have shared my literally earliest film memories on the site before. Which of course was for James Whale’s 1931 cinematic masterpiece Frankenstein. However that was only my first taste of the beautiful dark universe that the studio had to offer.

[Via] Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

This is a fact that I’ve shared on the Saturday Frights podcast once or twice before. Even as a young boy I sided with the Universal Monsters. The Frankenstein Monster, the Wolf Man, and Creature from the Black Lagoon were hunted and hounded by mobs and interlopers.
Universal Monsters - Doctor Frankenstein

Granted of course the actions of Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera and The Invisible Man are a little more harder to defend.
Universal Monsters - Dracula - 1931

Having said that though I still side a little with them. The outcasts,the forgotten and shunned, are feelings I understood as I was growing up. Luckily the midnight movies I could tune in on our TV antennae, gave me a first class education on the classic horror films offered by Universal Pictures.

Now I do realize I am not in the minority when it comes to loving the Universal Monsters. Thanks to my co-writer on the Saturday Frights Facebook page, Rockford Jay, I learned this evening of a new art exhibit.

Universal Monsters - Mondo Gallery

Illustration images courtesy of Mondo.

Taking place at this very moment in Austin, Texas – you can visit the Mondo Gallery. Checking out the beautiful artwork of such talented artists like Francesco Francavilla.
Universal Monsters - Frankenstein - Francesco Francavilla

I would be remiss in not pointing out that one of personal favorites happens to be Eric Powell’s. Focusing on my favorite of the Universal Monsters – The Wolf Man!
Universal Monsters - The Wolf Man - Eric Powell

Let us not forget Jonathan Burton’s take on 1933’s The Invisible Man. A character that I feel you can still sympathize with as it was his experiment that unintentionally drove him mad.
Universal Monsters - The Invisible Man - Jonathan Burton

Then there is Stan & Vince’s work featuring The Mummy. In truth, while not my favorite Universal Monster, I personally feel this illustration captures the spirit of the classic film posters of old.
Universal Monsters - The Mummy - Stan and Vince

Want to get a better taste of the Universal Monsters artwork being featured? Thankfully there is a video that has been uploaded to YouTube!