Tom Whalen Has Released Transformers Miniprints

I may not know art but I know that I like Tom Whalen’s artwork. I bet if you do a quick search here on The Retroist you will see we dig his style. The Wolf Man, Popeye, The Great Pumpkin, The Goonies, The Twilight Zone, Gigantor, and even Soundwave from the Transformers.

They have all been subjects of Tom Whalen and to a one are beautiful illustrations. He has managed to capture the spirit – the essence of each subject perfectly. The other day at the Acidfree Gallery they began to sell limited edition prints of Tom Whalen’s take on the Transformers. Some of the iconic Generation One Transformers that is!


So which Transformers made the cut?

Tom Whalen has split the miniprints into two different sets. The heroic Autobots and the dastardly Decepticons of course. First up let us take a look at which of the Autobots were chosen…
Optimus Prime. Hey, can you really pick a more iconic character than the leader of the Autobots?
All images courtesy of Tom Whalen and Acidfree Gallery.

All images courtesy of Tom Whalen and Acidfree Gallery.

Also included and as the Acidfree Gallery states on their site – Tom Whalen’s illustration for Ironhide will be randomly inserted. Only twenty of the Ironhide miniprints will be made by the way. So he is the chase miniprint I guess you can say?

Which Decepticons did Tom Whalen choose?

I think that the artist went with some rather interesting choices with the ‘Decticreeps’. It is completely understandable of course that Megatron was picked – especially with Prime chosen for the Autobots.
All images courtesy of Tom Whalen and Acidfree Gallery.

All images courtesy of Tom Whalen and Acidfree Gallery.

Starscream is a solid choice as well…
As is Soundwave. Three solid characters that make up the core of the Decepticon forces.
Tom Whalen might have went with another of the Seekers like Thundercracker or even Skywarp but chose Shockwave
The artist also chose to shine the spotlight on Rumble instead of say Laserbeak or Ravage.
For the Decepticons it is Frenzy that has been given the honor of being the chase Miniprint.

So that makes actually three of the illustrations for the Decepticons that involved Soundwave in one form or another. Which if Transformers: The Movie taught us anything is logical as Soundwave is superior…


Each set of five miniprints will cost fifty dollars and there are some variant versions that run a little higher. I can only tell you that there are differences in what looks to be the material it is printed on. Although some of the higher priced sets include original sketches by Tom Whalen. So if your home or office need some beautiful Transformers artwork I suggest you hop on over to Acidfree Gallery.

Screenshot (251)

Gregory Hines Tap Dancing To…”Tap Dance”

I couldn’t think of a more clever title! Give me a break!!!!

I danced for 21 and a half years (the 22nd year ended in injury halfway through the year, and signaled my “retirement” from dance). So if you ever want to know why I write as much as I do, it’s because I was initially filling a void left behind by dance. Now it is a hobby I embrace with the love and dedication that anyone should give to their talent. I pride in referring to myself as a writer and content contributor the way I referred to myself as a “Non-Professional Hip Hop Dancer.” Now I throw “Retired” in front of that and call it a day.

Screenshot (250)

Me in 1988 (age 5) in my first recital.

I studied Jazz for eleven years, Ballet for four years, and Hip Hop for six and a half years (the half year was the injury year).

I loved to perform – there was nothing quite like a costume, enough makeup to impress a clown, and a huge stage. I loved it so much, that returning as an adult at the age of 25 was like a homecoming of sorts. Sure the studio and teachers were different, but there is nothing quite like feeling in your element, no matter where you are. A dance floor is a dance floor, a ballet barre is a ballet barre, and a stage…is a stage.


The one type of dance I never got into was Tap. I did take little kid classes until I was seven years old that involved Tap, but it wasn’t something I wanted to continue. Of course, all my friends did Tap in the adult classes, and I wanted to try it, but never did. Now I’m convinced I would have been forced into retirement sooner if I did.

Just because I never tried Tap, doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it – the kicklines, the sound of the shoes (which I LOVED as a little kid), the rhythm, the sound of the shoes, the costumes, the sound of the shoes…yeah, you get my point. I loved spectating when it came to Tap. Not having a mind for it (I’m a classic over-thinker, which can be a bad thing in dance in general, but worse for Tap), and having friends who were amazing at it was what interested me more.

The other thing that interested me more? Watching professionals do it. Like Gregory Hines.

I’ll confess, I’ve never seen White Nights. I know Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov were in it, I know Lionel Richie has a song on the soundtrack (“Say You, Say Me”), and I know Hines was a Tap dancer in real life the way Baryshnikov was a Ballet dancer in real life. Oh, and they play dancers in the movie.

giphy (1)


Would you like to see the magic happen? Hit play, and be AMAZED!

Uploaded by jbbe2

And this is where I reference David Foster.


The song playing in the background is the David Foster-composed “Tap Dance,” and it is on Foster’s 1986 album…David Foster. I’m sorry guys, I’m striking out with all kinds of non surprises.

I love the “It’s-So-1980s” appeal of this song. It’s like aerobics and tap dance got together, had a child, and raised up that child up right. Did I mention David Foster is a genius? Because he is the one that made this song happen.

Sadly, I can’t find a music video to back this song up (because let’s face it, David Foster must have felt the music with the song!), but why have a music video when you can have Gregory Hines tapping? That’s even better!

giphy (2)

I especially love the dancing in this scene. Hines moves about the floor gracefully, all the while stomping with the glorious sound of taps. His was a talent lost with his passing, but thankfully is very well-preserved, based on what I found on You Tube. Every dancer should strive for so much! It seems that the dance world tends to get lost in the current trend of Hip Hop, but sometimes, the classics work well. And those who strive to preserve this art are keeping it alive and well!

The version heard in the movie has more tap sounds in it than the actual song does, so if you REALLY want to hear this song in all the glory it intends to have, here it is.

Uploaded by David Foster – Topic


Allison isn’t a world-class dancer, but she knows her stuff. She loves writing about David Foster (easily her favorite composer). If you like what you’ve seen here, she’d love for you to visit her on her blog, Allison’s Written Words. You can follow her blog on Facebook, and her on Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut. Ironically, her Twitter handle used to be @DancerChick1982.

She’s like Kevin Bacon in Footloose – she’s gotta dance!


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Carry On Art-ing

What would you think of If I asked you to name a long-standing film series from Britain? It was James Bond, right? Well, there is another film series that the folks over at Art & Hue would prefer you remember – the low-budget, incredibly British, “Carry On” franchise. Between 1958 and 1992, there were more than 30 films, a TV series, Christmas specials and several stage shows, all produced under the Carry On banner, and all featuring a healthy dose of bawdy humour that only the Brits could put to screen.

For better or worse, I’ve watched most of the 31 films over the years, and no matter what else you might think of them, they’ve certainly left an impression on me and on British culture! Art & Hue have produced Carry on Pop-Art, inspired by the classic series.


Sadly, my favourite in the film series – Carry on Camping – doesn’t feature. I do have a fondness for Carry on Cruising though, and I was pleased to find that they created th beautiful film poster below.


Handily, they’ve put together a video for to watch too:

If you enjoyed any of the films, have a fondness for Barbara Windsor, or like your art to really POP, head on over to the Carry On Pop-Art collection and get your money ready!

And if you like this, I’ve Previously posted about Art & Hue when they added their pop aesthetic to The Avengers.

Super Metroid - Stained Glass - THIS IS WHY IM BROKE

How Do You Make Super Metroid Better? Stained Glass Art!

When Metroid was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986 it was kind of a game changer in terms of what my Family would expect from a game from that point on. I’ve explained before that in my household my Grandmother and I were the gamers, with my Father looking on in bewilderment and my Grandfather giving helpful advice…or scathing sarcasm in equal amounts.

Metroid - NES

We were pretty big fans of Metroid to say the least so when we saw in the Nintendo Power that Super Metroid was on coming out, we totally made preparations to have free time set aside to tackle it.

[Via] Dsargent724

I was there bright and early at our local mall the day of its release, all but shaking the gate to Kay Bee Toys and with it in my hands I raced back to my Grandparents house. We spent that entire afternoon attempting to guide Samus Aran through Tourian…stopping only long enough to down bacon and tomato sandwiches…and while we wouldn’t beat the game until late in the evening the next day, we all pretty much agreed that there was no possible way that Super Metroid could be improved.

That is until last night when I stumbled upon this absolutely beautiful piece of stained glass art featuring Samus Aran, proudly striking a pose in her Varia suit!

Stained Glass images courtesy of THIS IS WHY IM BROKE.Com

Stained Glass images courtesy of THIS IS WHY IM BROKE.Com

A huge thanks to THIS IS WHY IM BROKE for the heads up on this work of art. I am positive that if sunlight or moonlight was shining through this particular stained glass while you were playing Super Metroid you would in fact have improved the gameplay.

Now I have some good news and bad news. The good news is you can make this yours for a mere $4,000 dollars…that bad news is it’s totally not available at the moment. Although you just might find some other pieces of stained glass art that will catch your fancy…
R2 D2 - Stained Glass - THIS IS WHY IM BROKE

Image Courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Check Out Travis Falligant’s Epic Breakfast Club/NeverEnding Story Mash-Up!

It’s no big secret that we have quite a bit of fondness for the artwork of Travis Falligant whether on this site or on the Saturday Frights Podcast spot over on Facebook, the talented artist has always been kind enough to let us share his artwork.

Image courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Image courtesy of Travis Falligant.

The other day though he uploaded a new illustration to his own Facebook Page, a mixing of two fantastic 80’s films. The Breakfast Club and The NeverEnding story…both are classic movies to be sure. But when take John Bender’s (Judd Nelson) iconic victory pose…

Judd Nelson - John Bender - The Breakfast Club

…and marry it to the majesty of Falkor…

Falkor - The NeverEnding Story

…why you can see how Travis just might have created a work of art that begs to be turned into an epic poster, right?

Image Courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Image Courtesy of Travis Falligant.

I don’t believe that is in the works just yet but I can tell you that Travis is right at this very second selling his Golden Girls enamel pins over on his Official Store Page, for a mere $10 you can show your love of your favorite character from the classic TV series.

Image courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Image courtesy of Travis Falligant.

So please follow some of those links provided up top to check out more of Travis’ beautiful retro artwork and nab some of those Golden Girls pins for yourself!

[Via] HDClipsMusic

The Art of Atari - Dynamite Entertainment - Robert V. Conte - Tim Lapetino

October Just Got More Awesome With The Art Of Atari Hardcover Book Release!

We fans of Retro video games are having a pretty good run of it of late. It seems like every single day I am reading about a new arcade opening up somewhere, just a few weeks ago on Steam the much anticipated Atari Vault debuted and just the other day it was announced that Dynamite Entertainment was releasing Robert V. Conte and Tim Lapetino’s 350 page hardcover book celebrating the Art of Atari this October!

I was fortunate enough to see that announcement over on the AtariAge Facebook page and as I read that joyous news I could feel a small tremor of excitement build up from the soles of my feet until it blasted through my brain and I had to fist pump for a couple of minutes to avoid yelling out and waking up my Wife.

Berzerk - Atari 2600 - Atari Mania

In my youth I would always keep the boxes and catalogs from the Atari games…there was something very magical about the artwork used in their advertising. It truly allowed you to be transported into the world of the game universe itself, all from those beautiful images on the front of the game cart box. Sadly there was some miscommunication between my Father and Grandparents at some point because they were thrown away but now thanks to Conte and Lapetino’s hard work I can enjoy looking over those pieces of art once again.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Lapetino and Conte collected artwork from private collectors and museums for their book, representing the past 40 years of Atari’s artwork for not just what was used on those glorious game boxes but the artwork in advertising, catalogs, etc. Plus this tome offers not only a retrospect but an insiders look at the company from those who helped shaped Atari’s Golden Age like illustrators Cliff Spohn (Air-Sea Battle, Super Breakout) and Hiro Kimura (Berzerk, Yar’s Revenge) to name a few.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

From the Dynamite Entertainment Press Release:
“Atari is remembered as the pioneer of video games – creating fun, innovative classics like Missile Command, Asteroids, Centipede, and more. But the company was much more than that,” says Tim Lapetino, co-author and Executive Director of the Museum of Video Game Art. “Atari’s creative culture set the standard for Silicon Valley startups, while its art and design-driven approach yielded an amazing body of work in illustration, graphic design, and industrial design.”

“Atari spearheaded a transformation of an entire generation’s consciousness,?? says pop-culture consultant, Robert V. Conte. “As comic books changed the face of American entertainment in the 1930s and 1940s, video games did something more in the 1970s and 1980s. Starting with Pong, the company changed our world forever.”

“This book collaboration with a recognized giant in the publishing industry is important because it showcases the quality and appeal of our brand and our intellectual property rights worldwide,” says Todd Shallbetter, COO of Atari. “We are excited for this book of our rich, iconic history to be added to the collection of our many devoted fans, both new and existing.”

You can hop on over to Amazon right this second and pre-order your own copy!

Have you played Atari today?

Image courtesy of Becky Cloonan and Mondo

This Castlevania Print From Mondo Doesn’t Even Need The Konami Code!

I have many, many fond memories of playing Konami’s Castlevania series on the Nintendo Entertainment System in my youth. To be honest there are also some not so pleasent recollections of spending a shocking number of weekends when I should have been studying trying to defeat the evil that was Dracula in 1986’s Castlevania.

So I have to say I was beyond stoked when a press release from Mondo came to the Retroist Vault this morning announcing that they were teaming up with Konami to produce a line of official prints, collectibles, and even soundtracks which includes the likes of vinyl releases for Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, Super Castlevania IV, and Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night!

Image courtesy of Becky Cloonan and Mondo.

Image courtesy of Becky Cloonan and Mondo.

Honestly I’m ready to hear that fantastic score for both Castlevania and Castlevania II coming from my record player!

[Via] JPhands

[Via] David Fallgren

It’s not just Castlevania that is getting the royal treatment from Mondo but the game series Contra as well as Silent Hill will also be getting soundtracks and art prints.

Image courtesy of Sam Wolfe Connelly and Mondo. You can almost hear the air raid sirens, right? ;)

Image courtesy of Sam Wolfe Connelly and Mondo. You can almost hear the air raid sirens, right? ;)

Here is the official Press Release:
“Mondo is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Konami to create and offer licensed prints, soundtracks, collectibles and more based on the amazing lineup of Konami’s video game titles.

The first Mondo posters for classic horror video game titles Castlevania and Silent Hill debut this Thursday at Emerald City Comicon with even more on the horizon. Mondo will be located at booth #4132 in “The Block.” All remaining copies of the posters will be for sale online at a later date via

Mondo will debut a limited edition premiere vinyl pressing of the soundtrack to the original 1986 Castlevania, featuring artwork by Becky Cloonan, and a limited edition polystone statue inspired by Ayami Kojima’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night art at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

The campaign will continue with soundtrack releases on vinyl for Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, Super Castlevania IV and one of the most iconic games in the franchise Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night, all with original artwork. Beyond the Castlevania franchise, Mondo will also be releasing the soundtracks to other popular Konami franchises such as Silent Hill and Contra.”