25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park - Title

Today Is The 25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park!

Oh boy. I am definitely feeling a little old today. Some might even say I am feeling a bit like a dinosaur? Certainly understandable when you realize that today is the 25th Anniversary of Jurassic Park, right?

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I have mentioned many, many times before how I have always loved movies. As well as how in my teenage years I began to think seriously about a career in entertainment. From the long afternoons after school with my fellow students in the Video Production Club. I began to indeed play around with the idea of becoming a film Director. Then on the evening of June 11, 1993. It was all but cemented as my friends and myself, sitting in a packed auditorium, were treated to Steven Spielberg’s new science-fiction adventure.

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My word, friends. That opening scene, giving us our first taste at what is going down on Isla Nublar. If anyone in the audience had been disrespectful, talking after the auditorium lights had gone down. The ending of that scene definitely had everyone completely silent. It also happened to feature my favorite character from Jurassic Park. Robert Muldoon, the park’s game warden. Expertly played by the late and great Bob Peck.
25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park - Robert Muldoon trading card

Yes, I do in fact have that trading card sitting on my desk as I type this.

With this being the 25th Anniversary for Jurassic Park, I couldn’t let it pass without writing something about it. Sitting in the audience that night, it was like a curtain had been pulled back by Spielberg. At least for myself. While I was thrilled and even scared in some scenes…something clicked. I not only wanted to learn everything, every thing I could about how the film was made. I also felt an overwhelming desire to want to entertain people the same way. I walked out of the Razorback Theater that night and certainly knew what career I wanted to follow.
25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park - Steven Spielberg

I devoured every single making of book as well as magazine featuring Jurassic Park. In addition I found a T-Shirt that I loved so much…I wore it until it was all but a rag. I have spent so long trying to find one and tonight, just minutes after sitting down to write. Ebay came through and while it is indeed meant for a youth I might have to drop the 85 bucks to put it in glass and hang it on the wall.
25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park - Raptors shirt

Jurassic Park was a worldwide phenomenon and for good reason. You had not only just the talent of Spielberg leading the charge. But an astounding cast of actors such as Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Martin Ferrero, Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Knight, Richard Attenborough, and of course Jeff Goldblum. Let us not forget however that sweeping and moving score by John Williams.

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Of course another reason, a huge reason Jurassic Park became such a hit. Was naturally thanks to the dinosaurs. Both the groundbreaking CGI work by Industrial Light & Magic.

But in addition the astounding physical effects by the Stan Winston Studio as well!

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Now I hope for this 25th Anniversary for Jurassic Park you are able to revisit the 1993 film. It still holds up to say the very least. On the other hand you might be doing the very thing I plan on doing to celebrate. Playing the new Jurassic World Evolution!

On this 25th Anniversary for Jurassic Park, I want to take a moment and thank you.

25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park
I did not in fact become the Director I had dreamed of in my youth. I did however still find a way to do what little I can to entertain others. By way of this very site, sharing my feelings on all things retro. Through the Saturday Frights, Diary of an Arcade Employee, and Retro Radio Memories podcasts. Thanks to the Retroist himself I hope myself and others have achieved a little of that dream I had in 1993.

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Air Raiders - Title

The Power Was In The Air For 1987’s Air Raiders!

1987 was a time of hard choices for myself. My desire for toys, for action figures was finding itself being challenged by games being offered on the NES. I was still picking up G.I. Joe figures though. In addition to getting bit by the bug for the most futuristic sport ever known. I am referring to Lazer Tag of course. Then there was the lure of the Captain Power toy line. Throw in Hasbro’s possible attempt at edging into Galoob’s Micro Machines with Air Raiders and you can see why the shelves were getting crowded.

Air Raiders - The Toyark

Thank you to The Toyark for this vintage photograph of shelves of 80’s toys!

Much like Hasbro did with their Transformers and G.I. Joe line. Air Raiders commercials totally made you sit up and take notice by way of some nice animation in their ads.

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One of the other reasons that the toys struck my fancy was because of a little 1984 film. David Lynch’s film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune!

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While it would be a few years later before I discovered the source material for myself. I think you can certainly see why the settings of Airlandia seemed comfortably familiar.

Air Raiders - Formation of Airlandia - Air Raiders 1987

Courtesy of the Air Raiders 1987 fan page.

With all those other toys and games that I mentioned at the top of the post, there was indeed another reason that Air Raiders became a thing for me. I have told you before that growing up in a single parent household, money was rather tight. By 1987 that had all started to change a little. Quite frankly this new toy line from Hasbro was very affordable.
Air Raiders - Battle Squad

One of those reasons has to do with the fact you weren’t buying action figures like G.I. Joe. You were instead raising an army with 5-packs of soldiers. The villainous Tyrants of Wind and the defiant Air Raiders.
Air Raiders - The Enforcers

Picking up a vehicle would generally gain you a few more soldiers as well as special leaders. Case in point, with the Wind Seeker you add Master Sergeant Blot and Private Blight to your Tyrants of the Wind army!

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Sadly and probably due to how crowded the toy shelves were at the time. Air Raiders didn’t find the demographic it was seeking. Beyond the handful of people like myself that is. However at the very least we fans got a few comics from the Marvel Star Comics line as well as two coloring books.
Air Raiders - Star Comics

Of course we shouldn’t forget that the Air Raiders TV commercials survive to entertain us too. To show us the promise of what could have been a long lived toy line!

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The Wizard of Speed and Time - Mike Jittlov

Toon In: The Wizard Of Speed And Time (1979)

Friends, this Toon In offering is a little different. To say the least. 1979’s The Wizard of Speed and Time is not traditional animation. Nor in fact is it even stop motion, well, not completely. Of course it is in fact all manner of visual tricks that are used to make The Wizard of Speed and Time so absolutely charming.

The titular character of the 1979 short is Mike Jittlov. As well as being the Director, Animator, Special Effects Maestro, and Chief Dreamer.
The Wizard of Speed and Time - Mike Jittlov - 1979

Jittlov got his start in animation in the 70s at UCLA. With many of his short films making it into festivals. After designing his own multiplane animation system he caught the eye of the Walt Disney Studio. Where Mike would appear in the Mickey’s 50th two-hour TV event. Entitled Mouse Mania it features Jittlov as he visits a psychiatrist to discuss his mania of Disney related collectibles.

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Besides the astounding stop-motion work that Jittlov and his partner Deven Cheregino put into the short. That 1978 short film also is wonderful to watch just because of the amount of vintage Disney merchandise is shown in it. Another thing to keep in mind while watching it, is every single effect was done in-camera.

The Wizard of Speed and Time was introduced on another Disney episode. In this case on an December 1979 airing of Disney’s Wonderful World. For a special episode entitled Major Effects. A documentary of sorts of how films and movies use all sorts of special effects to bring magic to life. By the way the special was released around the same time as The Black Hole!

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This is where I actually was able to first catch The Wizard of Speed and Time. I can also say in all honesty that this was one of those TV specials that made me want to become a filmmaker in the first place. I think after you watch the short film for yourself you will certainly see why I was so captivated by the idea.

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Now then, a mere ten years after the short film debuted. Mike was able to produce a feature length film starring his charming special effects Wizard!

While available on VHS as well as Laserdisc…the fact this beautiful film isn’t on Blu-Ray is an absolute crime.

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Halloween Trailer - Michael Myers - Title

Saturday Frights: Halloween Trailer (2018)

Fright Fans, if you are kind enough to follow the Saturday Frights podcast Facebook page, you know that something major dropped today. The Halloween trailer for the upcoming sequel of 1978’s Halloween. In fact we fans of the slasher franchise were treated to three different versions of the Halloween trailer yesterday. Although in this case they were teasers for said trailer.

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However just in case you were not aware, this new film is indeed taking a bold path. Last year when it was announced that there was going to be a new Halloween film it raised some eyebrows. It wasn’t the fact that original Director John Carpenter was on board as a producer. As well as providing the soundtrack for the upcoming film.
Halloween Trailer - John Carpenter

Nor was it the decision to hire David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) to helm the film. Or for that matter using a script co-written by Green, Jeff Fradley, as well as Danny McBride (Vice Principals). No, although I think it’s safe to say that longtime fans of the series did find all of that odd. I think it was the news that 2018’s Halloween was ignoring the seven sequels that followed the original that took everyone by surprise.

Let me be clear. This new Halloween film will follow the characters 40 years after the original. It means that the shocking revelation of 1981’s Halloween II has been wiped away. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is no longer the sister of the infamous and unstoppable Michael Myers (Nick Castle).

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If you happen to be one of those film fans that avoid all trailers. USA Today gave a brief outline of what to expect from the movie:

“A British documentary crew comes to the States to visit Michael in prison for a retrospective of the maniac’s night of terror — but their project becomes way more interesting when Myers escapes custody, retrieves his signature mask and seeks revenge on Laurie, with others naturally being part of his impressive career body count along the way.

In the decades following the fateful Halloween night that forever altered the former babysitter’s life, Laurie has armed and prepped herself for Michael’s inevitable return — to the detriment of her family, including daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak).”
Halloween Trailer - Jamie Lee Curtis

For myself I am quite interested as well as excited about this new Halloween. At the very least I will be sure to pick up that new soundtrack by John Carpenter. The film will hit theaters on October 19, 2018.

Now then…are you ready to take in the 2018 Halloween Trailer?

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