Galvatron - Anthony Darkenstein - TFormers.Com

“Coronation, Starscream? This Is Bad Comedy.”

I have no idea if when Anthony Darkenstein walked through the doors of the Calvary Comic and Entertainment Expo dressed as Galvatron if his first action was to immediately stalk the floor of the show to find someone dressed as Starscream…but I bet if he had it would have to play out like in 1986’s Transformers the Movie, right?

All my silliness aside I think Anthony’s Galvatron outfit is probably one of the most impressive pieces of cosplay that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing on the site before, in particular I love the light up Decepticon symbol. These images are courtesy of TFormers.Com!

All Images Courtesy of TFormers.Com

All Images Courtesy of TFormers.Com

Anthony Darkenstein - Galvatron - TFormers.Com

Even though when I first saw Transformers the Movie I was in a state of shock over the death of some of my favorite characters…seeing Starscream die so brutally shockingly made me feel bad for the character.

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Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Nien Nunb

May The 4th Be With You As You Watch This 1982 Kenner Return Of The Jedi Sales Video!

There is never a bad time to take a moment and celebrate the legacy of the Star Wars franchise but I personally enjoy May 4th being selected as a worldwide day to loudly profess our love of the films, comics, books, games and of course toys that have brought us so much happiness.

For myself while I was able to pick up a Marvel Star Wars comic now and again off the spinner rack at my local gas station it was those wonderful action figures and vehicles that I spent many, many a hour of my youth with on the living room floor that kept my love of the films alive. By the time the products talked about in this video below were released it is fair to say that Kenner truly had done an amazing job of helping us young fans reenact our favorite moments from Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back as well as forge our own adventures that couldn’t be considered canon…like that time when I decided that Luke, Leia, and Han needed to be rescued by He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Kenner was understandably devoted to keeping the toy line going strong as you can see from this wonderful 1982 internal sales video…and you will NEVER find an announcer so excited as the one in this video. I so very much wish this guy was narrating my daily life because I would feel so much more heroic and successful at my job.

[Via] MOTU Classics

Now even though May the 4th is a great time to celebrate the past movies, as is evident from this video that just went online featuring Daisy Ridley and a few friends, wishing everyone a Happy Star Wars Day…we fans of the franchise have taken to heart the true message of these films so we might all unite and be a Force for Change.

Star Wars

So from all of us at the Retroist…May the 4th be with you!

Super Blog - Team Up 8

Super Blog Team-Up 8: The Joker Versus Sherlock Holmes?!

I awoke this morning to an insistent rapping at my front door. Hastily if groggily making myself presentable I managed to open the door…to find only a box with my name and address upon it. Thinking this might be some new film to review from Scream Factory I quickly made short work of the tape around the box and opened it to reveal…
Joker Playing Card
…a Joker playing card as well as…
Sherlock Holmes Pipe
…this Sherlock Holmes Pipe. Which could only mean one thing. It was time to join forces with my old allies of the Super Blog Team-Up to once again discuss a single subject that unites us for a single day. This time the subject is Versus. Elementary, my friends, elementary.

Being such a big fan of Batman I decided to focus on that epic battle through the ages between the Clown Prince of Crime and the World’s most famous Detective…no, not the Dark Knight in this case but that one time that the Joker matched wits against Sherlock Holmes himself!

The Joker Issue 6

Sort of.

Beginning on May of 1975 and sadly only lasting until October 1976, DC Comics released a total of nine issues where the Joker took the spotlight. Legendary writer on Batman, Dennis “Deny” O’Neil took the job of crafting a comic series where the Joked could not only be the star of the series but wouldn’t come under fire from the Comics Code Authority. While O’Neil scripted only four of the nine issues he realized that they would have to really draw back on the Joker’s more frightening aspects not to mention his ability to murder innocents at the drop of a hat. So he and fellow writers, Elliot s. Maggin as well as Martin Pasko made the Joker a rather wicked prankster.

The shocking thing is how absolutely fantastic these nine issues turned out, they aren’t exactly lighthearted but they certainly fall under the category of fun. At times the Joker even would find himself at odds with the fellow members of Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery like Two-Face…
Joker - Two Face
…and even the Scarecrow.
The Joker and The Scarecrow

In the sixth issue of the comic the Joker in disguise sneaks onto the stage of a theater hundreds of miles from Gotham where a famous thespian named Clive Sigerson is performing as Sherlock Holmes. Why? To merely tweak the nose of any do-gooder that considers themselves a detective and since Sherlock Holmes isn’t real he decides to punish Clive.
Joker shoots Sherlock Holmes
After Clive is subjected to the spring-loaded punching glove to the face he is clocked across the brow by a heavy smoking pipe prop courtesy of the Joker. Stunned he watches the villain and his henchman escape…actually they dance and sing their way off the stage.
Joker - Henchman - DC Comics
Hey, when it comes to the Joker you do things with style or not at all!

An unforeseen side effect though is that Clive now thinks he is in fact Sherlock Holmes, kind of like George C. Scott’s character from 1971’s They Might Be Giants. The stage show’s Producer demands that a stagehand…named Watson…follow Clive/Sherlock to make sure while he is wandering the city he doesn’t get into trouble. Unfortunately for the stagehand who used to be a sailor and whose nickname was “Dock” Watson, the confused actor is hot on the trail of the Joker which leads him to a Golf course where the two do battle with the weapons at hand.
Holmes - Joker - Golf
This is the Joker of course and which means he is always prepared to put the actor out of action so he can make his escape.
The Joker - Golf Bag
It is quickly revealed that Batman’s greatest foe is using the works of Arthur Conan Doyle to plan his capers…in the case of the golf course heist he makes off with the flag from the fourth green, the “Sign of the Four”.

Sherlock/Clive deduces that the Joker’s next target is a sailing ship that just so happens to be named The Baskervilles!
Holmes - The Joker - DC Comics

Why is the Joker there? Well, he is below deck using a cutting torch to remove one of the clasps from a steel door…which is explained is used to secure hatches on ships an action referred to by sailors as “Dogging down the hatches”, the Joker considers himself holding a “Dog” and another name for a dog is a hound, so he possesses the Hound of the Baskervilles!

I won’t ruin the remainder of the comic as I am quite happy to report that you can pick up this very issue over on Comixology for a mere .99 cents! I would highly recommend you pick up the other eight issues of this DC Comics series as well because at least for myself it’s quite refreshing to revisit a time when the Joker was so much fun, dangerous but not exactly deadly.

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Retro Radio Memories Ep 61

Retro Radio Memories Podcast Ep. 061 (The Weird Circle)

Welcome back to the Retro Radio Memories Podcast! Each week we will briefly talk about an old time radio episode before presenting it for your listening enjoyment. Today we present an episode from The Weird Circle entitled “The Hand”.

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Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre - Scream Factory

Scream Factory Presents: Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre

Scream Factory
In 1974 when Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws was released it made a huge splash, the hardback edition actually stayed on the bestseller list for 44 weeks. That popularity exploded of course when it was released to paperback although critics of the time seemed to have plenty of beef with Benchley’s writing style.

Jaws - Paperback

Then in 1975 Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation arrived on June 20th and took it’s 9 million dollar budget and amassed 470 million in it’s theatrical run. That isn’t including all of the money made from things like t-shirts, posters, and one of the greatest children’s games of all time.

The Game of Jaws

Spielberg’s movie had a lasting impression on me as I still refuse to go into the ocean…the few times I’ve been near it on vacation. I figure as long as I’m not attacked on land by sharks they are more than welcome to have free reign in the other 71% of the Earth. But now this gentleman’s agreement seems to be threatened as our friends from Scream Factory are unleashing…


Jim Wynorski of Chopping Mall and Beastmaster II fame began this film in 2013 as a Kickstarter. The story for this VERY intentional B-Movie concerns a collection of female prisoners that are tasked to wade out in the swampy forests as part of a work detail crew in the Arkansas bayou. Which I guess means they are working somewhere in the stretch of Bayou Bartholomew which is 359 miles long and even flows into Lousinana. Living in Northwest Arkansas my entire life I find these kind of facts interesting…the film was shot in Florida by the way.

Anyway. This motley group of miscreants are played by the likes of Amy Holt (2014’s Here She Is), Christine Nyguen (The Devil Wears Prada), Tabitha Marie (This film is her first role), Cindy Lucas (Shark Babes), and Skye McDonald (The Bet). These prisoners can’t be faulted for not wanting to do all of this work in their tight t-shirts and shorts and decide to break free when the prison truck they are in is ambushed, thanks to Dominique Swain (Lolita). The real problem with this escape plan is that thanks to a local fracking operation accident…the Earth’s crust is broken through exposing an underground grotto releasing prehistoric sharks into the Arkansas bayou!

Sharkansas Womens Prison Massacre - Scream Factory

Hot on the heels of our escaped prisoners is Detective Kendra Patterson (Played by Traci Lords) and her partner Detective Adam Levine (Corey Landis). Once the prehistoric monsters start picking off people the survivors have to put aside their differences in an effort to survive the attacks of the sharks when they hole up in a deserted cabin. I totally forgot to mention that not only can these beasts traverse the bayou but they are strong enough to burrow through the ground making them…Land Sharks to boot!

Being a Scream Factory release as always you can expect there to be tasty special features which in this case includes:
Audio Commentary With Director Jim Wynorski And Actresses Cindy Lucas And Amy Holt
Still Gallery

The Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD tomorrow but you can still pre-order your copy on the Official Site!

Ghosbusters On The Set

“Cleanin’ Up The Town” The Ghostbusters Documentary

With the reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise scheduled to debut in just a couple of months on July 16th, I feel it’s safe to say that the fever for bustin’ ghosts is starting to ramp up. Honestly I was most excited about the fact that we are FREAKING getting Ecto-Cooler back on store shelves…it doesn’t matter if this reboot is good or not, we have to thank them for getting this delicious beverage back into our hands.

Ecto Cooler - Hi C

Anyway. There is actually another thing to get excited about in regards to Ghostbusters because I was just made aware of the upcoming release of a documentary that has been eight years in the making entitled “Cleanin’ Up The Town”: Remembering Ghostbusters which will feature over 70 interviews that shows us a behind the scenes look at the making of both 1984’s Ghostbusters and 1989’s Ghostbusters II.

Cleanin' Up The Town

Library Ghost

Ghostbusters Cast

Ghostbusters Documentary

While seeing the clips in the documentary featuring the late great Harold Ramis is something I feel bittersweet about I can’t wait until this is released so I can pick it up. You can check out the Facebook Page for the documentary by clicking here.

Oh. For what it’s worth Hi-C’s Ecto-Cooler has an Official Page and it looks like that delicious dose of nostalgia will be on store shelves starting May 30th.

Kermit the Frog - Jim Henson - The Hollywood Palace

Kermit The Frog’s Appearance On The Hollywood Palace (1966)

Jim Henson was already making a name for himself by 1966 not just thanks to his numerous television appearances with the Muppets on the likes of the Ed Sullivan Show and the Jack Paar Program but that same year he was nominated for an Oscar with his short film Time Piece. Sadly he lost out to Chicken by Claude Berri but he kept busy with two popular appearances on the hour long variety show The Hollywood Palace, one that featured a new celebrity host each week.

Muppets - The Hollywood Palace

The first appearance was with host Robert Goulet where Jim had Kermit playing a piano when a monster makes an appearance, our favorite frog is forced to perform to an ever larger variety of creatures. The video below is not the greatest quality but you won’t have any issues making out what is going on and you also have the bonus of some awesome vintage TV ads.

[Via] DentelTV2

The second appearance of the Muppets on the Hollywood Palace was aired on April 30th, 1966 and had the legendary Fred Astaire acting as host. This performance finds Kermit being interrupted by a group of glow worms and ends with the tried and true early Muppet performances…things gets eaten!

[Via] DisneyPhilip

That last monster was named Big V and you can see Jim and Frank Oz as well as Jerry Juhl clowning around in this 1965 photo thanks to the always amazing Jim Henson’s Red Book.

Image courtesy of Jim Henson's Red Book.

Image courtesy of Jim Henson’s Red Book.