Retro Radio Memories Ep 068

Retro Radio Memories Podcast Ep. 068 (The Mysterious Traveler)

Welcome back to the Retro Radio Memories Podcast! Each week we will briefly talk about an old time radio episode before presenting it for your listening enjoyment. Today we are heading back into more familiar territory, you know with the macabre and supernatural with an episode of The Mysterious Traveler entitled “Queen of the Cats”!

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The Changeling

Saturday Frights Suggestion: The Changeling (1980)

The other day a friend to the Saturday Frights Podcast, Mark Derksen, was kind enough to contact me. He wanted to know if perhaps the Projectionist and myself could start making a weekly post – suggesting a horror film or TV episode that was worth watching. I talked it over with the Projectionist and to my surprise he was actually all for it.
Why would I not be amiable to the suggestion, Victor?
Well…even before we became…closer…you always seemed hesitant to embrace new ways of doing things.
Hogwash. Slander at the very least!
Fine. Fine. Let’s get right to the point then. For this week’s Saturday Frights Suggestion we recommend 1980’s superbly creepy tale of ghostly revenge The Changeling.
The Changeling Mansion
Yes. If you are looking for a taught supernatural film you could do far worse than The Changeling. In which George C. Scott plays a character named John Russell who has been subjected to a horrible loss in his life. Things do not exactly improve when he takes us residence in a stately home with a rather checkered past, eh?
That is something of an understatement, Projectionist. Scott ends up teaming up with a woman named Claire Norman – who was played by the actor’s real life wife Trish Van Devere to uncover the grisly secrets of his new home.

It remains to be seen though if they can do this before the angered spirit takes out it’s fury on them first!

[Via] Frightism

I’ve mentioned this before on the site but this is one of those slew of films I caught at the 62 Drive-In of my youth. You briefly see it in the trailer but to this day the ball on the stairs scene will literally make me stand up and turn on the lights in the house when I watch it.
Heh, heh. So very skittish, Sage. There are many fine actors in this feature film, Dear Viewers. Melvyn Douglas as well as Jean Marsh are two that spring to my mind.
Agreed. Although I would add that John Colicos who played Count Baltar in 1978’s Battlestar Galactica and Barry Morse of 1972’s Asylum turn in wonderful performances. Just remember this is something of a pot boiler, the fear slowly builds but the payoff is incredible.
You can see The Changeling for yourself right this minute on DVD, for just a mere six dollars over at Barnes and Noble.Com…I don’t see anything about a Blu-Ray however besides a Japanese import. Of course you could look around online. Ahem.
You would not wish to do that however. That is a fine way to get on my bad side. Heh, heh.
The Changeling - Wheelchair
So there you have it, friends. Our first suggestion for Saturday Frights Suggestions. A big thanks again to Mark for the wonderful idea and please be sure to contact the Projectionist or myself and let us know how you liked the movie!

Image courtesy of Dread Central.

We Don’t Just Want Boglins Back…We Want The Xenomorph Boglin!

Back in 1987, Mattel Toys was doing pretty well thanks in no small part to their hugely popular Masters of the Universe toy line. That year the company decided to try and market to children that were fans of the small monster craze, that had kind of begun with 1984’s Gremlins and seemed to be doing quite well thanks to films like 1986’s Critters. This is how the Boglins were born!

[Via] Pan Biscuit

These latex hand puppets were created by Larry Mass, Tim Clarke, and Maureen Trotto for Seven Towns but sold by Mattel. Not only did Boglins come in packaging that resembled a cage but they also had moving eyes a child could operate with the flick of a lever. Sadly I never received one of the original Boglins but I did get my hands on Sponk, which was part of the Small Boglins line, they too were hand puppets but not quite as detailed nor did they have moveable eyes…and they came in sort of crates instead of cages.
I have some very fond memories of Sponk and even though back in 2000 we fans of the Boglins saw some re-issues of the series – this time having the “aid” of electronics and the ability to talk…I think it’s high time for a come back. A good way to get that ball rolling is by marrying the line with some of the most popular horror icon/monsters from film. As you can see with this custom made Alien Xenomorph Boglins Bog Monster that was sold on ebay it can totally work, right?

Image courtesy of Dread Central.

Image courtesy of Dread Central.

Image courtesy of Dread Central.

Image courtesy of Dread Central.

The next thing you know we might be able to nab a Predator version or a Micheal Myers or perhaps we can finally get a collection of Crites for our very own?
A huge thanks to Daniel XIII for the heads up on the Xenomorph Boglin and to John Squires of Dread Central for posting those wonderful images used in the post!

Mega Visions

Sega Fans Should Check Out Mega Visions Magazine!

You might have heard the big news that Sega’s iconic mascot for the Genesis, Sonic the Hedgehog, turned a whopping 25-years-old today! That is correct, it was 25 years ago on June 23, 1991 that everyone’s favorite high-speed hedgehog made his debut with…well…Sonic the Hedgehog!

[Via] Sonic the Hedgehog

That is some exciting news and plenty of reason to celebrate to say the least but there is another SEGA related bit of news to rejoice. A group of members from the SEGA Nerds have started a Kickstarter campaign to help them bring an interactive digital magazine to life with Mega Visions!

As you can see from that video there are quite a few nifty features planned for Mega Visions. From the Kickstarter Page:
“We’re still finalizing our sections and features we’ll have in Mega Visions. In fact, much of that will depend on the feedback we receive from you, but here are some of the great features you can expect to see:
Cover story: Every issue will feature an incredibly well-researched cover story that can range from a particular SEGA game, series or industry icon.
Retrospective: Along with our cover story, you’ll see a retrospective that delves deep into the history of a particular SEGA game or series.
Reviews and Previews: No magazine is complete without reviewing the latest and greatest games, and we plan to review each and every new release from SEGA and Atlus, as well as bringing you early previews of your most anticipated games!
Retro Reviews: We love the classics, and we’ll feature a special section specifically devoted to reviews of classic SEGA titles from the SG-1000 all the way to the Dreamcast and beyond!
The Water Cooler: This section is where we’ll deliver all the news, rumors and other interesting tidbits that you might have missed elsewhere.
Mega Visions Spotlight: We love featuring all the great talent in the SEGA community, and this feature allows us to showcase a different person each issue. You can expect to see awesome collectors, cosplayers, musicians, artists and more in this section.
Mailbag and Art Section: We want to ensure you have a voice in each issue, so we’ll devote several pages to answering your questions about just about anything, and we’ll also showcase some of the great SEGA art produced by the SEGA community.
Face-Off: There are times when the Mega Visions staff doesn’t agree, and the Face-Off is where we debate about a particular SEGA, Atlus or general gaming issue.
In the Arcades: SEGA’s history is rooted deep in the arcades, and we plan to take a trip back in time to showcase our favorite arcade games from the past.”

Being a digital magazine obviously means Mega Visions will also be digitally delivered by way of a custom app that readers can find on iOS, Android, and Kindle app stores. Hop on over to the Mega Visions Kickstarter page to not just Meet the Team behind the magazine but see what types of rewards you can obtain for becoming a supporter.

Mega Visions Does

Just remember when you visit the page to…Say it…Say it…SEGA!

Crowd - The Invisible Moustache of Raoul Dufy

Toon In: The Invisible Moustache Of Raoul Dufy (1955)

Welcome back friends to a new installment of Toon In, that point in a week where we stop and take a moment to share with you a theatrical short or cartoon worthy of your precious viewing time.

This week we have a 1955 short, directed by the legendary illustrator Aurelius Battaglia for the UPA studio entitled The Invisible Moustache of Raoul Dufy. A story that focuses on the life of the equally legendary French painter Raoul Dufy and how that life was changed when he refused to give up his desire to bring the World his personal vision through his painting. That and his “invisible” moustache.

The Invisible Moustache of Raoul Dufy

This short was nominated for a 1957 BAFTA award for best Best Animated Film. There is shockingly little information on the short beyond the music was composed by Alexander Laszlo and written by Sidney Peterson. I can certainly tell you however the narrator for this nearly ten minute short is Hans Conried (Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Hobbit) who knew a thing or two about voice over work for animated fare.

So come and Toon In as we learn of The Invisible Moustache of Raoul Dufy!

[Via] Evergreen Animations

Are you afraid of the dark

Retro Records: Are You Afraid Of The Dark (1990s)

Welcome back to another installment of Retro Records! This time we are cheating a little bit with this offering, submitted by the Midnight Society for your listening pleasure we have something of a rare audio treat.

Apparently Nickelodeon in the 1990s during their Nick or Treat events…

[Via] Kids Video Library
…awarded some audio cassettes and flip book for their hit Are You Afraid of the Dark? TV series. Thankfully for all of us that enjoy some nice “spooky” audio drama that cassette has been uploaded on SoundCloud!

The two tales from Side A of the cassette include Tale of the Virtual Nightmare – In which a young horror fan named Jay finds himself getting his hands on a very special VHS tape…one that brings the young cinephile face to face with a monstrous evil.

The second story entitled Tale of the Lonely Doll finds Janine and her younger Sister and their Mother in danger from Talking Teri, a disheveled doll that has very peculiar ideas on what kind of games are fun.

So take a good handful of midnight dust and throw it on the fire as we listen to Side A of Are You Afraid of the Dark: Tales from the Midnight Society!
Are you afraid of the dark - Camp fire

The Crush - Scream Factory

Scream Factory Presents: The Crush On Blu-Ray

In 1993 for her first feature film, Alicia Silverstone brought teenaged terror to the big screen by way of Alan Shapiro’s thriller The Crush. Now our friends from Scream Factory are bringing that film to Blu-Ray on Tuesday!

For myself the first time I saw The Crush was when I was working at the Razorback Theater that I go on and on about on the site. Honestly…it didn’t do that well in our neck of the woods but when it hit VHS I can vividly recall it being rented out constantly for a couple of weeks. It doesn’t hurt that you have actors like Cary Elwes, who just the previous year faced a different type of evil as Lord Arthur Holmwood in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, or Kurtwood Smith (Robocop) and Jennier Rubin (Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors).

Yeah...I have the one-sheet still from my days at the theater.

Yeah…I have the one-sheet still from my days at the theater.

The Crush finds Nick Eliot (Elwes) arriving in town, searching for a place to live as he has landed a job as a writer for Pique magazine. He lucks out when he is able to rent the guest house from Cliff (Smith) and Liv Forrester (Gwynyth Walsh)…or maybe it’s not all that lucky as he also meets their daughter Adrian (Silverstone). The 14-year-old immediately sets her sights on her 28-year-old neighbor and though the film may be called The Crush, her actions and desires are more in line with 1987’s Fatal Attraction. While at first the highly intelligent as well as manipulative Adrian helps Nick, like sneaking into his place and re-writing his piece for the magazine, thereby getting him kudos from his boss…when he begins to spurn her physical advances she begins to yank the strings that sends the poor man’s life and career into a downward spiral. Adrian won’t stop until Nick submits to her desire and she won’t let anything or anyone get in her way…even if she has to kill to bring them closer together.

One of the things I always thought was interesting about The Crush is Shapiro who was not only the Director but also the writer…and based the script on an incident in his own life…made sure to show that Nick wasn’t entirely blameless in the movie. What I mean is his character at the beginning of the film is definitely attracted to Adrian, he is able to regain some modicum of control however and attempt to put a stop to the unwanted courtship but to be totally honest…he does some real pervy things and has to atone for them.

Sorry, Cary...but what you are doing is pervy.

Sorry, Cary…but what you are doing is pervy.

Being a release from Scream Factory you can be assured that there are worthy extras:
NEW Audio Commentary With Writer/Director Alan Shapiro
NEW The Doting Father – An Interview With Kurtwood Smith
NEW Stung By Love – An Interview With Actress Jennifer Rubin
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spot

The Crush on Blu-Ray hits shelves tomorrow but you can always jump on over to the Official Scream Factory Page and pre-order your copy today!