Retro Radio Memories Ep 13

Retro Radio Memories Podcast – Episode 013 (The Whistler – Death Laughs Last)

Welcome back friends to the Retro Radio Memories podcast! Each podcast my co-host, the Projectionist and I will briefly discuss a classic old time radio show before sharing said program with you listeners. This week we present an episode from the Whistler radio series from 1945 entitled “Death Laughs Last”!

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Image courtesy of the Power Records Blogspot.

Retro Records: The Flash – The Three Faces Of Mr. Big /Aquaman – The Defeat Of The Dehydrator (1975)

Welcome back friends to a new installment of Retro Records, usually the latest Retro Radio Memories podcast would be up but due to some scheduling conflicts between the Projectionist and myself it will be out on Monday this week.

So for your listening pleasure today we have a 1975 Power Records story featuring the Flash as he investigates the mystery of Mr. Big. A villain that is capable of damaging the moon itself to prove how powerful he truly is and that isn’t even counting his three minions Electro, Keyno, and Magno! The second story features Aquaman and Mera facing off against Hydro the Dehydrator, a would be alien conquer who wants all of the water on Earth!

Can the Flash outrun and outwit these dastardly villains and save Central City? Will Aquaman and Mera be able to put a stop to Hydro and save the Earth’s oceans?

[Via] I Wish It Was 1984

A big thanks to the Power Records Blogspot for the image your see at the top of the post!

Let's Play - The Shining - Pippin Barr

The Shining…For The Atari 2600?!

There were a handful of films that received a game adaptation on the legendary Atari 2600. Megaforce, Tron, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Fantastic Voyage, and Alien to name just a few. But until this morning when we were charged with cleaning out the clogged water pumps on Level 6 did I realize what we were really missing on the Atari 2600 was a game adaptation of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 masterpiece The Shining! We were busy scrubbing out the pipes that lead to the pumps when Daniel XIII asked if I had ever heard of…

Of course this isn’t a lost Atari 2600 title though considering they made games for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween you have to wonder if back in the Golden Age if someone hadn’t at least thought about bringing The Shining to the home console. No, it took 35 years for us to finally get a game adaptation like we could have played on the 2600, all thanks to Pippin Barr and Let’s Play: The Shining.

All images courtesy of Pippin Barr.

All images courtesy of Pippin Barr.

The Shining - Walking in the maze - Pippin Barr

The Shining - Typing - Pippin Barr

This browser based Flash game lets your experience all of the thrills in 8 bit format of The Shining! You WILL drive to the Overlook Hotel, you WILL see blood gushing from the elevators, you WILL meet the scary twins, you WILL sit at a desk and use the arrow keys and spacebar to type, and you WILL hack down a door with an axe to get at your terrified Wife…and more!

The Shining - Tricycle - Pippin Barr

The Shining - Staircase - Pippin Barr

From Pippin Barr’s Press Release:
“Let’s Play: The Shining was originally conceived as being a game focused entirely on Jack’s perspective in the movie so that the player would always have the anti-hero role throughout. The main reason for that was that it seemed funny, but it’s also true that it ties in a little better with themes in the movie (and book) of control being exerted specifically on Jack to get him to do the terrible things he does. The player is then the hotel. But because I wanted to call the game “The Shining” at that time, it didn’t seem reasonable to solely represent Jack, as it wouldn’t be true to the movie. So the idea shifted to making an E.T.-esque movie-tie-in game that might have appeared on the Atari 2600 at the time. That amused me because it seemed funny to choose The Shining as your vehicle for “making a quick buck” based on a successful movie. (It wasn’t all that successful on release, plus it’s a horror movie – although there are other Atari horror movie games.) But I ended up struggling too much both with the art style and the interaction style when I was trying to stay close to Atari 2600 principles. There was a brief moment where scenes from the movie were each modeled on a specific Atari game like Basketball or Boxing, but that approach built an overly constrained feeling that made the game not fun to make and probably not that fun to look at. So finally the game switched to match the retro-esque art style of Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment and thus picked up its final title of Let’s Play: The Shining. The title works well from my perspective because it keeps hold of the idea that the game is “of” the movie, but also lightens it by including “play” in the title and making it a clearly second-order look at that movie. The idea of it’s being a “Let’s Play” also fits well with the non-game nature of most of the game, in that it’s more that you play through scenes than that you actually confront challenges or make choices. Play as in act, more than play as in game, almost. And that’s it. Once the art style was set it pulled everything along with it and the game was relatively “easy” to make from that point on, though it was still very time consuming trying to balance between “true to the movie” and “true to the game style”. Maybe I managed, maybe I didn’t.”

So make sure to follow any of the links provided above to start enjoying Let’s Play: The Shining for yourself!

Dragon's Lair III - Amiga

Watch Dragon’s Lair III: The Curse of Mordread For The Amiga!

A couple of months back I was lucky enough to review Syd Bolton’s Collecting For Dragon’s Lair & Space Ace. Of the many interesting facts within the pages of Syd’s book was ReadySoft had released a version of Dragon’s Lair III that in truth I had never heard about, not sure how I missed the ad for it in the computer magazines of the day.

Dragon's Lair III - The Curse f Mordread

Dragon’s Lair III: The Curse of Mordread was available for the PC and Amiga computers back in 1993 and expanded the lore of Dirk the Daring and Daphne by introducing Mordread the sister of the evil Mordroc from Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp.

[Via] The Green Machine 987

In this video for the Amiga version of the game you can watch the full playthrough as Dirk arrives home just in time to witness the evil witch Mordread use her black magic to capture both Daphne and the house, shrinking them down into her orb. It includes the Wonderland and Beethoven segments from DL: TW but the awesome part I think is that it also includes a scene that hadn’t been finished in time for the second arcade game, a visit to a pirate ship, plus you have the end level where Dirk must survive the attention of Father Time and Baby New Year in the Time Room!

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Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss

Would You Play A Horror Themed Fighting Game?

Street Fighter II. Fatal Fury. King of Fighters. Killer Instinct. Clayfighters. Mortal Kombat. All of these are fine examples of the past as well as still popular fighting game franchises. But thanks to the mad geniuses at ScrollBoss we have been given a glimpse at a fighting game that could eclipse all of those fighting games combined…Horror vs. Horror!

Well, assuming you are of course a horror fan. Just look at the many icons that have been made available in this art print!

Carrie White (Carrie) and Michael Meyers (Halloween).

All images courtesy of ScrollBoss.

All images courtesy of ScrollBoss.

Daniel Robitaille aka Candyman, Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), and Horace Pinker (Shocker).
Candyman - Jason - Freddy - Pinker - Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss

Herbert West (Re-Animator), Jedidah Sawyer aka Leatherface, Elvira, and Ashley James Williams (Evil Dead).
Herbert - Leatherface - Elvira - Ash - Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss

Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky, Tarman (Return of the Living Dead), The Tall Man (Phantasm), and Elliot Spencer aka Pinhead.
Chucky - Tarman - Tall Man - Pinhead - Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss
Now even though we horror fans must grieve that this is not a game at least we can visit ScrollBoss and secure a print to hang proudly in our homes, right? I want to give a very big thanks to the talented artist known as NinjaInk for giving us the heads up on this wonderful piece of art in the first place.

LEGO - The Haunted Mansion - NeverBrick

Would You Like A LEGO Version Of The Haunted Mansion?

LEGO of late has certainly delivered us fans of the classic construction toy a whole lot to enjoy in the last few years in terms of name-brand products. Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars to name just a few. But now we fans of LEGO have an opportunity to show support for NeverBrick‘s proposed version of a LEGO playset based off Walt Disney’s The Haunted Mansion!

To be honest my house is pretty darn full with my collectibles…but I could certainly find space for the Haunted Mansion, heck, I would love to see an entire Disney World line of LEGO sets! Now there is a deadline on this and at the time of typing this post we have 8 days left to give this a push and have a chance to see the Haunted Mansion on store shelves, so follow either of the links provided in this post to lend your support!

Images courtesy of NeverBrick.

Images courtesy of NeverBrick.

From NeverBrick’s entry on the LEGO IDEAS page:
“Greetings, foolish mortals!
Are you a fan of the classic Disney attraction “The Haunted Mansion” or just an avid fan of all things Disney? This project is just for you! As a passionate enthusiast of the Mansion and with the 45th anniversary of the ride’s opening coming up this August, painstaking attention to detail has gone into making this idea come to life…
Or should I say afterlife?

The set includes:
The Disneyland Version of the Haunted Mansion
with 6 (possibly 7) minifigs included. (Unfortunately, 999 is just not possible!)
The Mansion is set on a 32×32 base, (the traditional size for a modular build) which folds open for added playability!

The inside of the mansion includes memorable scenes such as:
The Foyer – Contains full versions of the infamous “stretching portraits”
The Library with it’s ever-watchful busts
The Corridor of Doors
Madame Leota’s Seance Room – Complete with Madame Leota
The Grand Ballroom – Includes spinning dance platform, organ, and dueling portraits
The Attic – Has goodies including a piano and several pictures of Constance and her dearly departed(s)”

Deep in the Darkness

Scream Factory Presents: Deep In The Darkness On Blu-Ray!

Scream Factory
Our friends at Scream Factory are not content to just bring us some of the greatest retro horror movies but keep a keen eye on upcoming new films as well like The Babadook, that my fellow writer Patrick J. Doody reviewed just last week!

The plot for Deep in the Darkness revolves around Dr. Michael Cayle (Sean Patrick Thomas), who thanks to the urging of his Wife has not only bought a beautiful home in the small quiet town of Ashborough but taken over the medical practice of the former Doctor that recently passed away. So why does his Cristine (Kristen Bush) who pushed for them to move from Manhattan with their Daughter, Jessica , seem so very…sad…that they are moving to such a picturesque town?

It could have something to do with the fact that townsfolk are a little standoffish I suppose, or that they have no cable TV or cell phone coverage, or it just might be that it’s enforced by the Sheriff that citizens are to be in their homes by the time the church bells ring at Eight in the evening?

At least the Cayles have a a friendly neighbor in Phil Deighton (Quantum Leap‘s Dean Stockwell) and his young son Tyler (Dark Haul‘s Anthony Del Negro) who welcome them with open arms, the older man even gives Dr. Cayle a bit of friendly advice…make sure to obtain an animal and sacrafice it on the altar deep in the woods.

Yeah, it was probably that last part that put Michael on edge as much as Cristine, right? Too bad there are worse things in the town of Ashborough than peculiar neighbors…a breed of creatures that are a cross between Morlocks and the Demons from Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight…who wait Deep in the Darkness!

Since this was produced by Chiller Films the extras are a little lean but thankfully Scream Factory has included:
Meet the Makers
TV Spots

Deep in the Darkness is out today but you can secure a copy for yourself by following the link Here.