Immortals Of Change - Battle Set

Do You Remember 1985’s Immortals Of Change?

One of the greatest things about working at an arcade, as I’ve mentioned once or twice on the Diary podcast, is being surrounded by vintage items. While it certainly does scratch that nostalgic itch to be sure, it also in addition offers me chances to learn about arcade games and toy lines that I might have missed out on. Such is the case for 1985’s Immortals of Change by Lakeside – which as it turns out was a sequel of sorts to their hit 1983 game, Crossbows and Catapults!

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The other day when I came in to open the arcade, Shea told me to go check the office for a nice surprise. I was surprised by Immortal of Change box sitting in the office for sure – surprised that until that day I had never heard of the game before. I quickly started taking photos for this post and started looking up what I could find on the game itself.

Where Crossbows and Catapults offered up a slice of medieval fantasy warfare featuring barbarians and vikings. This 1985 follow up was future based and even featured ‘transforming’ vehicles and robots. A quick read of the instructions provides a simple premise for Immortals of Change:
“Drakons and Troguns are ferocious warriors, having evolved from a race that has been waging war since the beginning of recorded history. They do battle following rules agreed to before the battle begins.
Their weapons convert from offensive to defensive using the same parts, with only skill and imagination swinging the tide of battle.
Life without the thrill of the battle is unknown to the warriors. Defeat today leads to victory tomorrow, and the battle continues, for they are Immortals of Change.”

Immortals Of Change - Protective Barrier

The boxed set that would start you on your path to conquest conquest as a Commander was the Battle Set. And it naturally provided the Players with enough pieces to build the likes of Big Strut, Bull Rover, Battle Creeper, Battle Falcon, and a towering robot. As well as a handful of plastic walls or protective barriers in this case, to keep your opponent out of your base.
Immortals Of Change - Battle Falcon

The ability to change your vehicle for defensive or offensive purposes is a pretty amazing concept if you think about it. The weapons of Immortals of Change used basically the same concept as Crossbow and Catapults however, a rubber band-powered device launching projectiles across the room at an enemy.
Immortals Of Change - Robot

Although to be fair, the futuristic version of the game provided the option of Players launching a glider of sorts, to crash into your foes’ protective barriers. Much like Crossbows and Catapults, the Immortals of Change offered expansions to the basic battle set. In this case you had attack probe sets you could pick up or even the Scorpion!
Immortals Of Change - Scorpion

While I do truly believe this was a great idea and it made sense for Lakeside to follow the success of Crossbow and Catapults, the sad truth is the game failed to find an audience. It might have had a little something to do with the rules, glancing over the instructions provided in the Battle Set…they seemed a tad over complicated. Still, if I had known about this game in my youth I most certainly would have done my level best to get my hands on it!
Immortals Of Change - Building Guide

Now then, how about you check out the ONLY commercial I could find for the Immortals of Change game?

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The Pied Piper - Silly Symphony - Disney

Toon In: Silly Symphony – The Pied Piper (1933)

Welcome back, friends, to a new Toon In offering! This week we are going to be taking a look at 1933’s The Pied Piper which is a classic Silly Symphony animated short. Produced by Walt Disney and released by United Artists on September 16, 1933 – this wonderful theatrical short obviously is an adaptation of the The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Being a Disney cartoon however you can be sure that most of the more disturbing elements of the folk tale have been taken out.


There is a reason why Stephen King was originally going to include a character’s demise at the jaws of hundreds of rats in Salem’s Lot after all. The Pied Piper at least shows a more humorous look at the pests that are plaguing the village of Hamelin. Although they still have need for someone to come and rescue them before it is too late – which is why the Mayor offers up a bulging sack of gold coins to anyone who can get rid of the rats. Which is of course the perfect time for the Pied Piper to make his appearance, right?
The Pied Piper - 1933 - Silly Symphony

Unlike the original folk tale, which I listened to occasionally on LP in my youth, the Piper has a more novel approach of getting rid of all those rats. Furthermore this animated version of the Pied Piper has far more powers at his nimble fingers than you might be familiar with. Nonetheless the story remains basically the same – with our hero getting cheated out of his rightful pay. Not just by the Mayor mind you but it is evident the citizens of Hamelin think stiffing the traveling musician is a good idea too.
The Pied Piper - Village of Hamelin - Silly Symphony

What is the Pied Piper to do but take pity on Hamelin, obviously not the adults, they are already set in their petty ways. No, the Piper decides to punish the citizens of Hamelin and make sure the children never grow up to be so shallow, so he leads them off to what the sign looks to read as playpenland. A fate which unlike the original folk tale doesn’t seem so horrifying to me!
The Pied Piper - Silly Symphony - 1933 - Walt Disney

Okay, grab your favorite snack and beverage and join us on Toon In with The Pied Piper!

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Pennsylvania Turnpike - Pennsylvania tunnel

Retro Radio Memories: Pennsylvania Turnpike (1942)

Welcome back, friends, to a new offering from Retro Radio Memories. With Pennsylvania Turnpike we are visiting the Dark Fantasy old time radio show once again. Much like with the episode we shared last week, Pennsylvania Turnpike presents another dose of fantastical old time radio drama. Although where Spawn of the Sub-Human had a rather fanciful approach to it’s tale of mad science gone wrong, our story this week would fit in perfectly as an episode of The Twilight Zone!

In Pennsylvania Turnpike we are introduced to a most curious stranger. At the beginning of the radio show, we find out that this ‘old’ man has all sorts of strange mannerisms. From the way he is dressed, the coins he carries to trade with and the fact he has never heard of a sandwich. It would certainly seem like this man is from a different period of time, which is of course exactly the case – no spoilers there, you will hear for yourself he is quite up front about the whole situation.
Pennsylvania Turnpike - Gabby Hayes

Of course the question is why this man would appear in modern times? The desire for justice can be a powerful force, friends…perhaps strong enough even to sustain a person until they can right a past wrong? Although having said that – like with The Twilight Zone on a rare occasion, an innocent person is targeted.

While I have said it before in regards to Old Time Radio programming, it does bear repeating that it still is a valid form of entertainment. It’s ability, at least in the case of shows like Dark Fantasy to give us the creeps 76 years later…that is something pretty incredible. Perhaps the time is right to see the radio drama experience some type of comeback?

Friends, grab your favorite snack and beverage and turn down all the lights. It is time to tune into Dark Fantasy and find out what is going down on the Pennsylvania Turnpike!

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Mac And Me - Masters of the Universe - Voltron

Eric Originally Had A Pretty Shocking Death In 1988’s Mac And Me!

When you think back to 1988’s cult classic Mac and Me, what are the first things that pop into your mind? For myself I would say Coca-Cola and the fact there is absolutely an incredible dance number held in the lobby of a McDonald’s restaurant. Which as you obviously know, I will have to share with you before we get to the meat of this Mac and Me post. Another thing that pops into my mind when thinking of the film is that the original trailer had a rather interesting introduction.

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Now if you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing the film before, there is a good reason that Ronald McDonald appeared in the trailer. For one thing he makes an appearance in the film but the producer of Mac and Me, R.J. Louis, happened to have worked with Ronald McDonald House Charities in the past. To say nothing of actually having a hand in the advertising for the restaurant chain. Now there are different sources that naturally have differing opinions on whether McDonald’s actually co-funded the film alongside Coca-Cola – honestly, none of that matters. Because in my opinion what matters is that the Ronald McDonald House Charities received a portion of the money from Mac and Me.
Mac And Me - Ronald McDonald's Children's Charities

Plus there is that awesome dance sequence that I’ve been talking about…if you want to know what it was like growing up in the 80’s just watch this clip!

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Mac And Me - VHS Cover

I will neither confirm nor deny this is a scan of my copy of Mac and Me on VHS!

Okay, now as you saw from the trailer up top, Eric (Jade Calegory) develops a bond with MAC (Mysterious Alien Creature) as they attempt to find the alien’s lost Family. Which is why the young boy of course puts himself in harm’s way when the local Police began firing on the confused aliens. In the clip below you will see how things played out in the version of the film seen by American audiences.

Now then…just last week, thanks to Peter Kuplowsky’s Twitter Feed we can see how Japanese audiences viewed Mac and Me. To say it’s bugnuts that they filmed this scene at all is an understatement.