Top 10 Bigfoot/Sasquatch documentaries of the Seventies

Ah yes, the 70’s were a hotbed of Bigfoot goodness! 70’s television, drive-ins, and popular culture were all dazzled by the subject.

With that, I bring you my top 10 Bigfoot “documentaries” of the 70’s! Okay, four of them are In Search Of… episodes, but trust me every one of them is a shiny little gem! I’ve watched all of them many times over, you should too!

  1. In Search Of…The Abominable Snowman

This one follows the legendary Bigfoot/Yeti Hunter Peter Byrne as he searches the Himalayas, for the Abominable Snowman!

2. In Search Of…Bigfoot

This time, Byrne explores the Pacific Northwest for the Legendary Bigfoot Monster!

3. In Search Of…Monster Hunters

The Bay Area Group, led by Arch Buckley goes in search of Bigfoot in Northern California. The now famous Sierra Sounds are featured heavily in this one!

4. In Search Of…The Swamp Monster

Bigfooting goes Cajun in this episode! The Skunk Ape is explored here! The words “Honey Island Swamp” are enough for me to consider this one a classic!

5. Sasquatch The Legend of Bigfoot

We sink our teeth into this classic 70’s flick in hopes an expedition beyond the Peckatoe River in British Columbia turns up any Sasquatch Evidence. Boy howdy do we find what we are looking for too! This one is a scripted movie but does a great job recreating classic Bigfoot stories from the past.

6. Mysterious Monsters – hosted by Peter Graves

Peter Graves himself goes in search of Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster evidence! What he finds may SHOCK the scientific world! …or not. If this program is the positive, number 7 is the negative.

7. Monsters! Mysteries or Myths?  – narrated by Rod Serling

As number 6 was more accepting of the Bigfoot mystery, this next one approaches the subject with slightly more calculated caution. There is absolutely no accident both these documentaries share much of the same footage and tone.  Monsters! Mysteries or Myths came first which offered a more scientific look into the question. Mysterious Monsters offers a much more fanciful romantic look at Bigfoot, and other legendary creatures. Although both are practically the same documentary, they share very opposite views.

8. In Search of Manbeast!

This time, Peter Byrne gets his own feature! Consider it a much longer version of In Search Of’s Bigfoot, and Abominable Snowman episodes where Byrne is joined by his wife to unlock the secrets of the Manbeast! Keep your eyes open for recreated actor portrayals of comments made by Dr. Grover Krantz in this one.
It’s word for word from the In Search Of… Bigfoot episode, but put in a very odd context. Maybe In Search Of, or Krantz wouldn’t allow the direct quotes? I know Byrne and Krantz weren’t the best of buddies. We’ll leave that for another time perhaps.

Again, this one borrows liberally from the aforementioned In Search Of… episodes. Recycling abounds in the Bigfoot documentary world! Anyway, this one is a Sasquatchy Classic!

9. Bigfoot: Man or Beast?

This one is the oldest documentary on the list and is a treasure trove of Bigfoot goodness! Chocked full of eye witness accounts, Mt. Saint Helens pre-eruption, and classic Bigfooters Robert Morgan, Rene Dahinden, John Green, and Grover Krantz.

Side note, the anguished scream of Bigfoot (featured 11 minutes in) is featured ad nauseam in our number 5 selection! See? What did I tell you about recycled Bigfoot “evidence”?

10. The Legend of Boggy Creek

Another drive-in classic! This one explores the antics of Arkansas’s own Fouke Monster! This docu-drama is as creepy as you can get! From the first scene to the last, Olde Foukey does not disappoint! It stands on it’s own as one of the best known Bigfoot movies in history, if you can get past the singing that is.

Dishonorable mention. The Legend of Bigfoot  – Ivan Marx

Marx is now considered a notorious hoaxer of Sasquatch evidence. Back in the early 70’s he was busy cranking out “evidence” featured in this flick. Marx criss-crosses the map in search of migrating Bigfeet (Bigfoots) to finally catch up with them in Alaska. The classic Marx hoaxed “Cripple Foot” footage is featured within which is worth the look.

I hope you enjoy my list as much as I do! Bigfoot is a subject near and dear to me.

If you are an old Squatcher, consider this a refresher course on Bigfoot history. If this is all new to you, this list is a great shortcut to becoming a Bigfoot expert!

In Search of Bigfoot (1976)

Robert Morgan, Bigfoot Hunter Extraordinaire heads up a summertime expedition to prove the existence of Bigfoot!  Morgan, the hard driving team leader pushes his team of scientists, and naturalists to their limits in hopes of finally proving that Bigfoot is REAL!

Aside from the generic nature shots that’s come to be the  obvious go-to filler for these types of movies, we are treated this time to amazing vistas of the pre-eruption volcano Mount St. Helens in Washington State that eventually blew her top in 1980. The feverish search for Bigfoot takes place around the base of the mountain! Moving from one location to another, Morgan and crew leave not a single rock unturned for their quest for the truth, at least that’s the way it seems. Morgan’s tenacious nature stems from an encounter he had in 1957 while hunting not far from the St. Helens area. He’s quite a character to root for, looking much like a young Donald Pleasence. He’s a man that’s made up his mind, BIGFOOT IS REAL! And it’s him, that will uncover the truth. The world needs to know, as we can learn much from the forest giants. Along the way, footprints are found, witnesses are interviewed, sighting locations are visited. All with the constant plinking of a harmonica/banjo soundtrack that will make some cringe, and some go completely insane. Clearly the budget was spent on supplies, and field tents. Aside from that, we sadly never see a Bigfoot, nor is one ever faked for the sake of showing something for mere spectacle. I don’t think Morgan would have allowed that, as his belief in the production of this movie is as honest as his belief in his subject matter. No, Robert Morgan is a straight shooter in the search for Bigfoot. He accepts no nonsense, and what you get here is an honest investigation. The search that summer is filled with action, but again it’s hindered by lack of anything concrete. To top things off, a forest fire during the final days of the search has all but suffocated further tracking of the creatures, which leaves the team and the viewers sad that the search is over. At least this year…

It’s a real treat to listen to, and watch Robert Morgan. He’s the type of man you’d love to talk shop with. Morgan is one of the first Bigfoot hunters and many in the “field” agree he’s pioneered much in his attempt to prove the Bigfoot’s existence. So next time you’re out camping, raise a beer for Bigfoot, and Robert Morgan! The both of them could be out there right now!

AZTEC for Apple computer (Datamost 1982)

If you grew up with an Apple computer in the 80’s, chances were very high you’ve played Datamost’s AZTEC. This dandy of an adventure game was the pinnacle of gaming for the Apple 2 back in the day!

Imagine yourself as an Indiana Jones (c) type adventurer journeying into the bowels of an ancient South American temple in search of a mystical, and mysterious idol! The quicker you acquire and bring said idol to the surface/entrance of the temple, the more cash it’s worth! I’m not saying the temple catacombs are a cakewalk to maneuver through, far from it!  Just a few creatures you’ll run in to are Spiders (of course), Snakes (sure), Scorpions (you bet), a Giant Octopus (excuse me?), Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs (WHAT???), and the occasional Aztec Warrior, plus a bunch of other awful things you wouldn’t want to step on. Like I said, no cakewalk!

What makes this dash through an Aztec tomb more daunting? The laundry list of keyboard controls! Check it, ready? Here you go:






A-turn left

D-turn right

G-crawl (once)

P-place and light explosive


O-opens box or digs in trash pile

L-look in box


F-goes to fight mode. Below are keys while in fight mode:

S-spin around

A-move one to left

D-move one to right


M-strike down

G-draw fun

Space bar-shoot

W,R, or J -move mode

Did you get all that? Good, because you’ll be using all of ’em!

Oh, did I mention the joint is also booby-trapped? Falling bombs, flooding rooms, compacting walls, and more all wait to do you in. Good luck Indy….type of generic adventurer! You’re gonna need it!

The graphics at the time were top notch, the game play was fun and fresh as the temple map would change every time you played. Heck, it’s still fun to play now a days. Check out the video below and see what I mean!

Enter if you dare…press any key…

Hamm’s Beer Commercial – Bear riding in Jeep!

I’m not a huge beer drinker, but if Hamm’s beer let’s you cruise the countryside in a jeep with a bear as your passenger? I’m willing to buy a 6 pack for sure! You saw more rugged dudes on television back in the day. Grizzly Adams, Uncle Jesse, the crew from GunSmoke, and Bonanza. I betcha all those dudes would be happy to have a bear for a co-pilot. Beer was rugged and manly. You were either chopping down trees, or building a cabin while guzzling down beer. I still think that’s cool!

Enjoy this lesson in manly right here! Go have a beer, make it a Hamm’s!