The Art of David A. Trampier

David A. Trampier or DAT, put together some of the most iconic roleplaying game art. His fingerprints are all over the early version of the game. Sadly he passed away and before that mysteriously stopped producting the fantasy style art we all loved.

I am constantly looking at his art in the many books I own. When online I find myself saving his work in a folder on my desktop to just look at when I need a pick me up.

Since I know a lot of other fans of DAT are out there, I thought I would share this folder and I will add to it as I scan or find more of it.

Do you have a favorite bit of DAT Art? Is it posted here? If not, tell me which one and I will find it and add it to the gallery.

The Art of David A. Trampier

Retroist Lazer Tag Podcast

Retroist Lazer Tag Podcast

This week’s Retroist Podcast is about the classic toy from World’s of Wonder, Lazer Tag. I start the show with a story about how my friends and I spent a good part of an amazing summer playing Lazer Tag together. It is a cherished memory that would not have happened without Lazer Tag.

Then I move onto the toy itself. I discuss the origins of Lazer Tag, the company that made it, the animated series and much more.

This is my final episode of this season. Sadly I did not get to all of the subjects I wanted to cover. I did record them, but I was unhappy with the quality. This episode took three recordings to finally get into a state I am happy with publishing. I hope you enjoy it and will send me suggestions for new shows. This is not a statment on the quality of the show, but more a commentary on my lack of skills as a podcaster.

I am hoping to one day to throw diva-like tantrums and need to boost my ego by a lot more before I can do that. So If you have the time and inclination, please stop by iTunes or wherever you consume podcasts and leave the show a positive review.

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Bad Breath? Call the Listermen

In 1988, Listerine unveiled their Ghostbusters-like troop of bad breath fighters, the Listermen. They make their first and I believe only appearance in a commercial for a better tasting version of Listerine, Listermint.

In the ad, a couple are enjoying a bubbling hot tub. Things are looking to get romantic, but unfortunately the guy in the tub suffers from severe halitosis. Not only is it killing the mood in the tub, but it is bad enough to warrant a call to an elite hi-tech bad breath fighting force. The Listermen show up and go right to work. First blasting the guy in the mouth with their Listerbeam ray gun.

The beam seems to do the job, but that is only half the job for this commandos. They educate and berate this guy. Hoping that a combination and knowledge will prevent them from having to make a return trip.

The Listermen investigate the Halitosis Hot Tub

So who are the Listermen?

First you have Dr. Mark Myers. He is an inventor and founder of the Listermen. Brilliant and eccentric, the billionaire Mark Myers is obsessed with ridding the world of the scourge of sour mouth.

Dr. Mark Myers

Next up is the mysterious weapon’s specialist, Blake Hart. Hart is the strong quiet type. We don’t know much about his past, but at some point he was saved by Dr. Myers in the jungles of South America and they have been tight ever since.

Finally, we have Robert O’Neil. The newest member of the team. O’Neil appears to be a clown, but inside he is a broken man. He uses his sharp wit to hold back the loss he feels from the death of his family. Who perished in a freak bad breath elevator incident. He as been a loyal Listerman ever since. His prowess cleaning mouths is matched only by his sharp tongue. Throwing out lines like “That’s right piranha breath,” you know he means business.

Do you have bad breath or know someone who does? Don’t think anyone can help? Well, the Listermen are out there. They will be there to clean your breath and much like Hans and Franz from the old SNL sketches, they are ready to pump, you up.

Listermen Salute

Do you know what is the best? References!

pizza hut crystal pepsi

When Pizza Hut had Crystal Pepsi

I lose all objectivity when it comes to Crystal Pepsi, or as we called it “Crystal P.” To me, and me close circle of friends, it was an exaggerated big deal. We drank and celebrated this clear cola and somehow were never tainted by any backlash.

So while others might roll their eyes at Pizza Hut boasting about selling Crystal Pepsi, we did not. Instead this was just another reason for us to get pizza from the Hut.

In this offer which ran in 1992/1993, we see Pizza Hut bragging on having Crystal Pepsi. A product, their pizza rival, Domino’s does not carry. The commercial is wonderfully optimistic, with pizza patrons calling to order pizza contingent on Pizza Hut or Domino’s having Crystal Pepsi to accompany it.

Naturally the professional and polite staff at Pizza Hut, not only have Crystal Pepsi, they will give it to you for free with the purchase of two 1-topping pizzas. All for the low price of $11.99. A compelling deal indeed. Why can they do it for such a low price?

Well it appears to me that not only does Pizza Hut have Crystal Pepsi, they have so much of it they don’t know where to put it. Placing random bottles on shelves and counters to meet the demands of a crystal beverage thirsty public.

Meanwhile across town. In I imagine, the worst part of town, the irreverent and disrespectful staff at Domino’s have no Crystal Pepsi to offer their patrons. You would think that would cause them to be contrite, prepared with a quality offer of a fine Coke product? Not these Domino’s employees. At best they can only mumble a “no,” and at worst they outright mock the caller.

It is all a lot of fun and a perfect encapsulation of the ongoing Cola War that has now mixed into the burgeoning Pizza War.

Specific dates for this particular offer escape me right now, but I this it ran during the summer/spring at least. I recall going to a Pizza Hut with a friend’s family and for some reason we ate the pizza standing around the car in the parking lot. We were all pretty excited to crack open the 2 liter of Crystal Pepsi, but drinking it warm out of paper cups really cut into our enjoyment. I guess we got one of those warm bottles they stored on the counter.

Watch this magnificent Pizza Hut has Crystal Pepsi Commercial

If anyone else had a Pizza Hut/Crystal Pepsi experience, I would love to hear about it.