Want to get involved in upcoming Retroist Podcast “Specials”?

I have taken a break from the “specials” format of the podcast recently, but I put 3 on the schedule for this year and I am looking for folks who might want to participate. To participate you will need:

  • The ability to record yourself speaking and a decent microphone to do it on
  • A story to tell about yourself that you are willing to share with a bunch of people
  • Joy in nostalgia

Two of these specials will be related to upcoming holidays, while the other will be more general interest. If you submit a recorded segment, I cannot guarantee I will use it, but I will try to spell out exactly the format and tone before you record to reduce the likelihood of this occurring. If you are interested please email me at and tell me a little about yourself.


Retroist Podcast – Episode 187 – Stripes

On this episode I talk all about the eighties comedy classic, “Stripes”. I start off explaining why I would watch movies dozens of times when I was younger and why it might still be important to do so. Then I get into the film. I talk about the stars of the film, the plot, the production, deleted scenes and much more. It might not seem like it, but I am very aware that I do not have the ability to pronounce Harold Ramis’ name correctly. This is not the first time I have recorded this episode and no matter how much prep or notes I hang up around the microphone I just always say Rymus. So my heartfelt apologies to all of you with ears. I promise I will try to do better during the “Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone” podcast.

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The Promise of Solar Power in the Seventies

Much is being made of Solar Power nowadays, but this was not America’s first flirtation with energy from the sun. In the seventies, spurred on by expensive oil prices, commercials and ads promised low-cost and convenient solar energy. In this one for Lennox Solar Energy, you see the various options they offered and what they looked like on a cutting edge suburban home from that decade.

In the eighties a few home where I grew up got a couple of solar panels and we all marveled at them as they went up. By the end of the eighties most of them were broken or had been torn down. The promise of this very cool futuristic technology was still not ready for prime time.

Lennox is still out there, doing their thing, although I have not seen any recent commercial for them. Maybe they need to dust off this old chestnut and give it a run.


You fooled ’em, Chief! You fooled ’em. You fooled ’em all.

I saw the film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at an early age and was not sure how to process it. The end result was that it scared the heck out of me. One part, even then stuck out to me as pretty amazing (and a lot less scary), it was when McMurphy realizes that “Chief” could speak the whole time. It is probably my favorite moment in a movie filled with great moments.

Do you don’t see a ton of Cuckoo’s Nest fan art on the internet, but above you see that great scene captured as digital art by Old Red Jalopy.

Here is the scene from the movie…


1981 Castle Wolfenstein Ad

Castle Wolfenstein was released on the Apple II way back in 1981, but I didn’t get a chance to play it until it was ported to the Commodore 64. My friend picked up a copy and would not shut up about it. Watching him play was slightly painful because of the load times and collision issues, but I admired his patience in ignoring those issues and seeing the potential in the game.

When I finally got to play it, I was horrible at it, but I saw the potential and when Wolfenstein 3-D was released it was largely the positive association I had with the original that made me pick it up.

Here is one of the famous launch year computer ads that appeared in Computer Gaming World. Everything about how they describe this game appeals to me still.


Spider-Man in Maximum Overdrive!

Spidey and Gwen Stacey are out for a nice Sunday drive when suddenly, after taking a wrong turn, he winds up in Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive. Whenever you watch Maximum Overdrive, how can you not think of Spider-Man, but amazingly I have never seen an artist put the two together in a compelling way until I found this work by John Trumbull. What really sells it? Including the Spider-Mobile. That is brilliant.