Yogis Space Race

Do you remember Yogis Space Race?

Yogis Space Race was a short-lived 90-minute Saturday morning cartoon. It ran on NBC from September 9, 1978 to March 3, 1979. That short run resulted in just 13 episodes.

While it might have been epic to have a 90-minute cartoon, the show was divided into segments to make it easier to hold young kid’s attention. Eventually these segments would get divided up into shorter shows and any of you might have seen them on the USA Cartoon Express.

The 4 segments from the show were:

  • Yogis Space Race – A outer space remake of Wacky Races. This segment had old and new characters participating in intergalactic racing competitions.
  • Galaxy Goof-Ups – Yogi and his gang are intergalactic police officers.
  • The Buford Files – A sleepy bloodhound solves mysteries with the help of two kids.
  • The Galloping Ghost – The oddest of the lot. Galloping Ghost features the ghost of an old west prospector.

Almost immediately the show was broken up into segments that received their own branding. Yogis Space Race would get its own show, as would Galaxy Goof-Ups. The Buford Files and The Galloping Ghost would get combined into the aptly named Buford and the Galloping Ghost.

I have fond memories of watching Yogis Space Race on the Cartoon Express. Reading about the show, I was surprised that only 13 episodes were made. I am probably mixing the show up with Wacky Races. If you have not seen an episode, you might need to look around. While these shows used to be on YouTube often, recent reports have made them dry up quickly. Although if you want to get a taste of the show, people do seem to be allowed to post opening and closing credits.

Yogis Space Race Opening Credits

Over the intervening years, I have also come to enjoy Galaxy Goof-Ups. While not as an easy to find as Space Race and not as star-studded, it is worth tracking down for its originality.

Galaxy Goof-Ups Opening Credits

William Shatner on Celebrity Bowling

William Shatner on Celebrity Bowling in 1974

William Shatner will always be Captain Kirk. It is the role that defined him to the world. But Shatner has worked as an actor consistently throughout his career. Just review his IMDB and you will see that post-Trek he worked a lot on TV. For fans, this means a veritable treasure trove of small gems. Today I would like to share one of those gems. William Shatner on Celebrity Bowling in 1974.

Celebrity Bowling was a popular syndicated bowling sports series. It was hosted by Jed Allan and ran from January 1971 to September 1978. The premise was simple. Two sets of celebrities are pitted against each other in a bowling match. They compete not just for glory, but also for prizes for a lucky home viewer.

A lot of people will make fun of shows like Celebrity Bowling and the people who make appearances on it. Often equating it to the bottom of a person’s career. This might be true in some cases. After all, it iss easier to book lower level celebrities for shows like this, people on their way down, looking for the spotlight again. This phenomenon continues today and it often works to jump-start a career.

While Shatner was not landing lead roles at the moment, he was hardly unemployed. So for him Celebrity Bowling was a great opportunity for him to reach audiences who might not be seeing him in the smaller roles he had been landing. It was also a good “get” for Celebrity Bowling, who could count on a few Star Trek fans to tune in and see how the Captain had been doing in the intervening years.

Watching this episodes is a blast. Shatner is a terrible bowler, but that makes it more fun. Also, as usual, he brings something to everything he appears in. So while this is not Shakespeare, it is an entertaining and humanizing experience for an actor who has become an icon. So please check it out.

Watch William Shatner on Celebrity Bowling in 1974

Star Trek Original Series VHS

Star Trek Original Series VHS

When you think Star Trek Original Series VHS, you probably think back to your local video store or mail-order offers. While I worked in a video store and obsessed about mail-order, it is not what I think about when I think of Star Trek the Original Series on VHS. No, I think about supermarkets.

In the eighties, not only did a lot of supermarkets begin to rent videotapes, they also sold them. This added a wrinkle to my family’s monthly shopping experience. Now instead of just fixating on breakfast cereal, soda, candy and everything else with sugar, I also needed to linger in the video section of the store. It was a magical time. Every trip morphing into a fantasy of on demand video entertainment.

The ShopRite supermarket was my favorite to visit. Because they carried the Star Trek Original Series VHS.

Star Trek was, and still is, one of my favorite TV shows. So I would plead with my Mother every time we went to get at least one tape. Often I would press my luck and put a bunch of tapes in the cart. Hoping that seeing them might entice her to make a terrible financial decision. It never worked.

Then one day my luck changed. The store decided to phase out selling VHS tapes. The price plummeted. Every month they would have fewer tapes, but the price kept dropping until they were $1.88. This was the magic number, an amount I could save by myself. From that point on I bought as many as a could and eventually I acquired almost 30 episodes of the original series. Later I would increase that number from garage sales and flea markets, but no acquisition was as sweet as those first few.

Getting home and helping unpack the groceries was torture, but when I was through, it was Trek Time! I would make myself a sandwich, pour myself a drink with lots of ice and plop down on the couch and immerse myself in an episode of one of the greatest TV series ever made. That sort of happiness is great at most prices, but it was a real steal at $1.88.

candy buttons

An odd way to eat Candy Buttons

If you are not familiar with candy buttons, they are the little dots of flavored sugar attached to paper. They tend to sell them nowadays at more retro-style candy joints in jars or in drugstores handing from a peg in a bag. When I was a kid, we could get the candy buttons by the foot.

So you would go into our local store and say, give me 4 feet of candy buttons and they would give you 4 pieces of paper all pre-cut. You would then race outside and begin gnawing the bits of hard sugar off of the paper. Often getting more paper in your mouth than candy. This bothered me a great deal as a kid and I took great pains to try to remove the buttons without getting any paper on them. It was tedious work, but it made the buttons last a whole lot longer.

My good friend on the other hand went in the opposite direction. He would rip off maybe 4 inches of buttons paper and then just shove the entire wad of paper in his mouth and begin chewing. When he started eating them this way, he would eventually spit out the paper, but then he got into the habit of just chewing on it until it completely dissolved in his mouth.

I did try this method a few times. I figured it would stretch out the candy a bit longer, but I couldn’t handle it. Even now, I cannot think about this without feeling a little queasy. The paper would get hard and difficult to work and the sweetness would completely disappear. Leaving you with a lump of dyed paper.

It was just one of those weird quirks that has stuck with me over the years. And sometimes when I see a bunch of candy buttons it makes me think of my buddy and I smile. Then I remember the feeling of that wad of paper in my mouth and I gag just a little.

Netflix GLOW Opening Credits Animated GIFS

As a kid, I watched wrestling. For a short while I could not get enough of it. That obsession happened to coincide with the release of G.L.O.W (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) and I watched that as well. Being a fan, I was pleased as punch when Netflix announced the GLOW series a few months ago. Released this week, fired it up today and it makes me very happy to report, I like it a lot.

It is a well done show, with great acting, writing and art direction. So I am moving through it pretty quickly and I think everyone should check it out. But if you are not a fan of wrestling or well done TV shows, you should at lease watch the Netflix GLOW Opening Credits.

They are a neon wrestling fantasy. A creation that is better than all of my Steven Lisberger fan fiction. It takes that wonderful style that Lisberger perfected and throws it together with some iconic wrestling moves and Patty Smyth’s The Warrior. I could go on about it for a while, but watching it will do a better job. Hopefully, it will also entice you to check out the show.

Watch the Netflix GLOW Opening Credits

After taking a break from marathoning the show this afternoon, I broke down opening credits into animated gifs. Hopefully you will get some joy out of them. Feel free to pepper them liberally on your website or social media account. Maybe it will get other people excited to watch GLOW.

Netflix GLOW Opening Credits Animated GIFS

Pretty cool right? Now run over to Netflix and start watching the show. The first episode is a little longer, but most episodes are about 30 minutes. So you will go through it very quickly. If you do that and want more, might I suggest you learn a little bit about the original G.L.O.W. Or listen to this show’s wonderful soundtrack on Spotify. Then maybe watch the show again.