Zaxxon the Board Game

Zaxxon the Board Game was published by Milton Bradley in 1983 in an attempt to translate and capitalize on the ever-growing video game craze that was hurting board game sales. Sadly these board games, Zaxxon included, were just never able to capture the magic of the original video game. That does not mean I didn’t enjoy it as a kid. I enjoyed it a lot. Sadly it just doesn’t hold up as an adult game.

The art on Zaxxon is very attractive, but the game is just too linear and random. It is just spin and move…spin and move. Even thought it gets boring pretty quickly, I am still much better at this version of Zaxxon than I am at the arcade or home version.

I don’t take the game off the shelf much anymore. When I did last weekend, I snapped this photo and thought I would share.


Learn to make 8-bit Popup Cards

Are you crafty? Want to learn a cool and simple trick for spicing up thank-you notes or home-made greeting cards? Kate at Minieco Tutorials has published a swell “how-to” on the subject. It requires minimal supplies including: paper, an exacto knife, a metal ruler and a needle.

Here is a quick breakdown on the steps, but to really learn how to do it, you need to head over to Minieco Tutorials.


Marduk vs. Tiamat

The Babylonian Mythos of Deities and Demigods

Our celebration of the art of this wonderful book continues. Last week we looked at the American Mythos and the Arthurian Heroes, today I would like to show you the art from the section of Babylonian Mythos.

I always fixated on this section mostly because of the swell image of Marduk battling Tiamat. That dragon has all sorts of charisma.

We did not do much roleplaying in a Babylon-themed world sadly, but I could definitely see enjoying playing a Cavalier who worshiped Marduk.


I want a snack! Cracker Jack!

I will not argue that Cracker Jack is a great snack. Individual sized boxes were sometimes bought as a treat in my house when I was growing up and I still indulge in a box from time to time nowadays. What I have never been sold on is the Cracker Jack as a family snack. The reason behind this is simple. The prize.

When you are a kid, one of the highlights of eating Cracker Jacks is the prize. So what do you do when you have more than one prize seeker? In this commercial they just skip over the potential drama of a “prize fight” by having both kids reach for the bowl — One reaches for the prize, the other a handful of Cracker Jack. Maybe they take turns or flipped a coin before hand, but I think this is simple a sanitized version of reality.

Have you ever tried to give one kid a toy and not the other? It can be a nightmare.

That is why I suggest you stick with individual boxes. They are fun to eat, allow for some portion size management and more importantly give you a prize in each one.


Stop Motion Super Mario Bros.

In this wonderful video from Joe Penna, the classic video game Super Mario Bros is recreated using mix media stop motion animation. It is a remarkably well-done recreation of level 1-1 that is capped off with an unexpected twist.

I would really enjoy seeing Joe try to take on the first level of the original Sonic the Hedgehog at some point in the future.