Here is a hearty dose of Summer nostalgia from Popsicle

Summer heat is reaching its zenith and nothing is sweeter during this time of year (or more nostalgic) than having a cold treat on a hot day. In this mid-eighties commercial from Popsicle, a way too cool dad take his son Joey on a summer tour of his hometown. He winds up at the local store where he bought his favorite childhood treat, the authentic Popsicle and he and youngling each have a delicious cherry treat while sitting on a sunny bench in the town square. It is a little corny and I find the guys accent out of whack with the small town environment he grew up in, but otherwise this is a great slice of nostalgia advertising.


Why buy Software when you can rent it?

Renting software in one for or another was not a new idea in 1986, but renting that software to consumers was still a pretty fresh idea. But in the era before Software as a Service, how do you get those programs in the hands of individuals? You do it the old-fashioned way of course. You get yourself a storefront. You fill it with software people would want and then you run a low-budget, but interesting commercial featuring a “talking” computer. Then….profit?


Which one of these Phones from the Seventies would you want in your living Room?

When I go to flea markets, I see phones like the Chestphone for sale all the time. I have been tempted to buy one, but have not pulled the trigger and now I know why. Because if I am going to buy any phone from the 1970s it is most certainly going to be that star-spangled work of art, the red, white and blue Candlestick phone. The American Flag Candlestick was at least around as early as 1973, which makes it pre-date the Bicentennial. That of course makes it all the more amazing. Some person was so patriotic and so retro that they chose this phone to sit on their end table and they suffered through this horrible form factor when many other amazing phones existed that were a lot easier to use.



Incredible Sunday Promo with Rocky the Surfing Dog

Move over Spuds MacKenzie, this dog is the ultimate party animal, especially when he rides the “suds”. If you wanted evidence of just how popular Spuds MacKenzie was in the late eighties, this commercial speaks volumes about the beer selling dog’s popularity. The promo can get away with using just his first name and making allusions to his commercial style and EVERYONE watching on TV knew what they were talking about.

Wow Rocky!

If this promo style and the name of the show sounds familiar, it is because this show was an unsuccessful attempt to revive the TV show, “That’s Incredible.” Sadly it failed and “Incredible Sunday” only last one season. Here is a promo from the premier of this nearly forgotten show.


The Ultimate 1983 Car Phone…the Pulsar II by Motorola

Want to be a big deal in 1983? How about you get yourself a top of the line car phone like ht Motorola Pulsar II. It has a speaker phone, which works just like an office speaker phone. It has automatic channel scan, because you don’t have time to manually scan channels. It has automatic dialing. It can remember up to TEN numbers! Finally you don’t even have to take the phone off the hook to make a call. Now hands free you can say to everyone you know at just the touch of a button, “guess where I am calling from?”

Surely a golden age has dawned.


Video Game Consoles – The Animated Series

Video game themed movies and TV show are great, but I think the next big trend needs to be in making entertainment starring the consoles the games are played on. Sort of in the vein of “The Brave Little Toaster”, it would follow the adventures of an aging console as it attempts to find new life in the modern world.

I think the above work by Ry-Spirit would be a great jumping off point for concept art.