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Hi. My name is Aeryk. Essentially I’m puppy’s breath, a child’s laughter, and the sense of satisfaction one gets from snagging a meaty nose goblin whole, all rolled into one. Mostly I watch movies. Mostly.

Night Flight: Dynaman

In a previous installment on Night Flight (Night Flight: J-Men Forever) I extolled the virtues of re-dubbing drab dialogue with more enlivened interchange for AWE-some! While Firesign Theatre’s J Men Forever was all fine and good, Night Flight was not one to rest on it’s laurels. Instead they turned the […]

Night Flight is Back!

Breaking News (as of April 16, 2015): Those of us who grew up with Night Flight have reason to run screaming into the streets like children jacked up on sugar and Christmas. Night Flight posted a video on their YouTube page titled Night Flight’s Back. It’s both wildly wonderful and […]

Night Flight: J-Men Forever

There are two great ways to enjoy old movies and TV shows. First, you can riff on them. Second, you can re-edit and re-dub them. And third, you can… Egh. Let me start over. There are three ways to enjoy old movies and TV shows. First, you can riff on […]

Workout Your Waist 80s Style

The 80s excelled at using sex to grab attention. Here’s a perfect example, but with a twist. This is a little something—short shorts and Tom Selleck chest hair—for all The Retroist Ladies. Does the narrator have a sensual? Fugetaboutit! [Via] I Ran Videos Mmmm. Wiggle.