Five Alive

FIVE ALIVE commercial 1981

No doubt riding on the heels of the immensely popular movie 9 to 5, this commercial for Five Alive hits us right in the taste buds! It appears that Nancy has hit a wall at the office and needs a little pick me up! Thankfully her sassy coworkers are there to inject a little vitamin C. After all, typing takes a LOT outta ya!

FIVE ALIVE was a juice drink I used to love. This summer I was reminded of this magical elixir while waiting for a Ferry Boat in British Columbia, Canada. They had it listed on the soda machine and I rand to get a cold can. Sadly it was all out. What a disappointment. I could have partook from a host of other soft drinks, but I had my mind set on Five Alive.

Oh well, at least I was able to pick some up when I got home. Although drinking it there lack the ad-like refreshing spontaneity conjured up in this commercial.

As for this commercial, it reminds us of the abundance of multiple citrus fruit juices you get when you drink Five Alive (or miss getting some). Remember though, it’s all fun and games until the boss catches you screwing around.


Watch this classic commercial for Five Alive

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