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How Do You Make The Wonder Woman Trailer Better?

In all honesty as soon as I saw the Wonder Woman trailer last week I was sold. It of course has quite a bit to do with it being a period piece film. Moreso even with the setting of the movie taking place in World War I – the trailer has hope. In that trailer which is two minutes and a half you can see everything that makes Wonder Woman such a powerful character. Courage. Strength. Grace. And wisdom.
Wonder Woman

Which if I am to be brutally honest is the reason I stayed away from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Because the trailer itself looked to be abysmally dark. Now I must also add that I’m good with the shadows for a character like Batman. I am afraid though that in regards to Superman my personal beliefs on the character won’t let me bend that far.

Having said that I am absolutely delighted to hear fans talk about Batman V Superman, what they loved about it. While it might not be my cup of tea I hold no grudges against those that did enjoy those versions of the characters.

Although I am sure you’ve already watched the Wonder Woman trailer for yourself – why not take another look. You might see what I’m getting at when I mentioned hope and the other traits that Gal Gadot brings to the role!

[Via] Warner Bros. Pictures

What about making the Wonder Woman trailer better though?

While I am totally happy with the way the trailer for the upcoming movie looks, it is Sebastian Hughes who has found a way to “improve” it. How? By recutting it a little – adding some scenes I suppose from Batman V Superman. Then injecting the theme song from the classic 1975 to 1979 television series starring Lynda Carter!
Image courtesy of The Comic Book Cast

Image courtesy of The Comic Book Cast

I would also add there seems to be some new footage in this fan-made trailer. From the upcoming movie I mean – I can pick out the Batman V Superman shots.

[Via] Sebastian Hughes

But wait! Now you have another option!

As I was writing this post – I stumbled on this Lynda Carter version of the trailer. It features footage from the pilot of the Carter TV show but is coupled with the dialogue from the film trailer.

[Via] Don Jack

I think I’m going to have to say I love both versions of these equally. I personally feel it is the only way you could improve on the trailer for the 2017 film.

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