The Closet - Sinister Tales of Terror

The Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror Ep. 10 (The Closet)

Hello there, dear listeners. It has come time once more to venture down into the Vault for one of my Sinister Tales of Terror!

This week we have a story submitted by Aubrey Nash of Seattle, Washington. A heartfelt tale of a stepfather and his daughter entitled ‘The Closet’. This is another short story but hopefully the goosebumps it generates will last much longer. Heh, heh.

While I wouldn’t balk at longer stories, you fright fanatics keep sending in concise narratives. Furthermore I wish to apologize about there not being a new radio broadcast last week. Somehow I managed to contract a nasty cold. In spite of Victor’s offers to fill in again, I didn’t wish to subject you listeners to that once more.

Now I ask you to turn off those electric lights. Lean in ever closer to the comfortable glow of your personal radio. As I begin this broadcast for my Sinister Tales of Terror…

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