The Projectionist’s Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 08 (Headlights)

Hello, Dear Listeners! Tell me true, are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Perhaps you believe that Life itself has you in it’s HEADLIGHTS – intent on running you down?

Heh, heh, heh.

Then I believe you should join me down here in the safety of the Retroist Vault. A place where you can rest easy and know that those troubles above can’t reach you. Yet.

It will give me ample time to share with you a short story from my creepy collection of tales, eh? We can pass the time with one such story that I like to call Headlights. A perfect little yarn especially if you are listening to my radio broadcast while driving on a dark and stormy night. Heh.

Now I ask you to turn off those electric lights. Lean in ever closer to the comfortable glow of your personal radio. As I begin my broadcast for the Sinister Tales of Terror…

Directly download the Sinister Tales of Terror:
Episode Mirror #1 (MP3)
Episode Mirror #2 (OGG)

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