The Karate Rap…Because Country-Style Hip Hop Wasn’t Strange Enough!

Just in case you forgot…

Let’s “Dance”…Y’All?

Everyone thinks they have some incredible trend in the misguided belief that “my dance is the one that is going to conquer the world.” And as quickly as they’ve believed this, we’ve seen these people try (and just as quickly, fail) to create a dance that truly catches on.

Let me be nice about this, trendsetting hopefuls: Vanilla Ice wasn’t always renovating homes.

Samurai Studios probably believed their Hip Hop trend could conquer the White Hip Hop trend too…y’all. Instead, what they came up with is a video that defies logic, good taste, credible karate/all other forms of martial arts skill, and avoidance of stereotypes.

What happened, was “The Karate Rap,” y’all.


He’s got…THE GLOW!

Performed by Samurai Studios, this song’s purpose is to teach you karate, show you Karate Guy’s wife and family, what Karate Guy’s credentials are, stereotypes, mustaches, how not to wear a gi…


…and how not offend Japan in any way, shape, or form. I mean, do you see how he’s wearing that gi?!

Karate is more than just…Karate, but also a dance form…


Spandex makes Karate more modern!


…And fabulous for leaps!


And all the while, I’m wondering if this is what martial arts films of the time forgot to include.


And because I know you’re just dying (on the inside) to see exactly what I’m talking about, where photos and GIPHY magic fail to convey the obvious flaws, by all means, you must click play.

Uploaded by Self Defense

If you haven’t already questioned the existence of a God and why this was ever a thing, let Karate Guy take you into the sunset…


Train your body, y’all.

Allison just came back from vacation, and she had this whole other article planned…before her Facebook memories reminded her of this video (she shared it on October 1, 2014). If you like things that make you question your very existence, then surely you’ll love her blog, Allison’s Written Words. You can follow her on blog on Facebook, and she’s over on Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut.

She knows Hip Hop, but not Karate. And she dreams of performing leaps like this!


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