The Projectionist’s Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 07 (The Drain)

Hello, Dear Listeners! Does the way life treat you outside of the Retroist Vault have a similar feeling to circling The Drain?

Heh, heh.

Then I ask you to join me down here in the Vault for a small break from all of that. That heavy burden that is obviously such a drain?

Give me the chance to regale you again with some appropriately gruesome short stories from my tome of terror. Perhaps when I am finished with you, er, I mean the tale today. Why you might even leave here…and find yourself GRATE-ful?

Now then dim those infernal electrical lights and lean in closer to the glow of your radio. As I begin the seventh broadcast of Sinister Tales of Terror with The Drain.

Directly download the Sinister Tales of Terror:
Episode Mirror #1 (MP3)
Episode Mirror #2 (OGG)

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