The Toys R Us Report: My Top 5 Star Wars Figures Of All The Times

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Hey kids! This week on The Toys R Us Report I have a topic that I feel my be right up the alley of all you Retro Readers, Star Wars Figures! Who doesn’t like the great old Kenner Figures of our youth? Maybe some weirdos but I consider them to be outliers. EVERYONE Likes Star Wars and this week on the show I do a run down of who I consider to be my Top 5 Figures Of All The Times.

Usually on the show I focus on more current Pop-Culture and Toy Stuff, Movie Reviews etc but this time around it’s all retro right from The Jumpstreet and it’s awesome.

The show starts off with me visiting my Robot Co-host Iceberg 13 in the infirmary. He’s been in a bad way emotionally after the death of his pal A.B Silver and after being clowned by his hero Johnny 5. It’s a bit complicated but brief and right after that it’s some real toy talk.
Star Wars Mini Rigs
If you have a couple of minutes why not give it a listen. It’s only 30 minutes so you won’t be sorry for long.

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