Justin M. Salvato’s Vintage Computing & Retro Video Games Ep. 1

Hey, friends! The one and only Justin M. Salvato – whose work you might recognize from his excellent series of Video Podcasts of various Retroist podcasts sent me the link to the first episode of his new YouTube series entitled Vintage Computing and Retro Video Games. After talking for a bit he was kind enough to agree to share the videos here on the site. I’ll let Justin take it from here. – Vic)

I’m not big on having my voice recorded or my face on camera, unless it’s for boxing, but I decided it was time to discuss my love of vintage computing and classic game consoles. So I am starting a series of videos (hopefully a start) discussing the subject. If you are a fan of Atari, Coleco, SEGA, Nintendo, vintage computing, then I hope you give my video a watch. While you’re at it, check out my other videos on my YouTube page.

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