Elizabeth Montgomery Demonstrates the “Bewitching” Magic Behind Perfect Curls!

Because let’s face it, when you have hair like mine, you need all the magic you can get!

When I was working on my regular Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday segments about hair color a few weeks ago (click the links to read those related pieces), I came across a sponsorship bumper on the DVD set 1001 Classic Commercials. The sponsorship bumper was for the series Bewitched, and the product was Clairol. Ok, not any specific product per se, just the company.

Screenshot (173)


But within the block of commercials, Elizabeth Montgomery appeared to show the magic behind perfect curls – Kindness Heat-Activated Conditioner! And who makes Kindness Heat-Activated Conditioner? Why, Clairol, of course!

Watch as Elizabeth “bewitches” you with the promises of droop-proof curls!

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Her hair hates any method of curling.

Screenshot (172)

Watch my hair defy the hell out of this!

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