Witness The Lasting Legacy Of A Legendary Video Store!

In my youth every single job I held was in some way related to movies. Right out of High School I secured a position at a little mom and pop video store and had an absolute blast for a good couple of years before moving to a better position at a little large video store. It wasn’t a huge chain, but I don’t feel you could label it a mom and pop operation, especially since they were also in the business of renting out televisions and video equipment.

Videoport - New Releases

I spent about five years at that job before moving on to working at the Razorback Theater that I’ve talked about quite a bit on the site before. I have many, many fond memories though of working at the video stores as well.

Our Picks - Videoport

I think it’s probably the same for any of us that were lucky enough to work at these businesses, yet again I am referring to the smaller video stores, where you would develop a real relationship with the customers. A place where when you recommended a new movie or classic film they might not have seen before they would trust you that you aren’t just trying to make a sale.

Bill Duggan - Videoport

That seems to be the kind of place that Portland’s Videoport was judging by the video below, a short film by the p3 production company and while I teared up something fierce watching this, I will got ahead and let you know that Videoport leaves behind an awesome legacy that will make you cheer by the end.

Videoport: A Short Doc from p3 on Vimeo.

I want to give a huge thanks to fellow Retroist writer, Patrick J. Doody, for the heads up on this short documentary.

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