Prince…For Butt Out Jeans!

I’m celebrating the legacy of Prince by wearing purple, listening to his music, and of course, laughing about the time Jamie Foxx played him on “In Living Color” with all the amazing talent Foxx was showing in those early years of his career.

Some weeks ago, I wrote about a hilarious, but obscure, episode of “In Living Color,” where they highlighted the best of their music video parodies (up until that point). There was one segment (that was more commercial than music video, but it featured “Prince,” hence its inclusion), and his promotion for a pair of jeans with one very unusual feature…

Screenshot (11)

And one very fake butt.

Step back in time with to 1992, when Jamie Foxx was just an up-and-coming comedian with an incredible talent for playing Prince.

Screenshot (9)

This is Prince…for Butt Out Jeans!

video uploaded by thatscarychick

Screenshot (12)I wonder if Jamie Foxx remembers this…

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That plastic butt still cracks Allison up.

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