Patty Duke Re-Enacts the Passionate Words of a Mom Who Lost Her Son to Muscular Dystrophy

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I’m one of those people that feels truly saddened by the passing of actress Patty Duke, who died earlier this week at the age of 69 from sepsis. After the loss of Nancy Reagan several weeks ago, and the famous names that have left us this year (and it’s only March!) this year is sort of a bummer already.

For your viewing pleasure here’s a clip of long-time MDA volunteer Patty Duke (a role she’d had since she was a teenager) during the 1984 MDA Telethon, as she tells the heart-breaking story of David Grisham, who succumbed to Muscular Dystrophy, before he was able to finish his book

Ms. Duke reads re-enacts a letter from a David’s family.

This performance is loving, passionate, and memorable as any of the movies I’ve seen her in where she’s played a mother in a fight for her loved ones. May she rest in peace.

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