Watch Jack Kirby Discuss The Creation Of Captain America In This 1988 Convention Video

With that rather impressive Captain America: Civil War trailer hitting the internet with the might of a rampaging Hulk this afternoon, it seemed a good time to share this 1988 video taken from the Pure Imagination Fun Fair featuring Jack Kirby and Greg Theakston (Illustrator, Publisher, and Comic Book Historian).

In this video the legendary illustrator is asked among other questions where he got the idea for the character, which of course he is quick to mention that it was all thanks to a talk between his friend and partner, the equally legendary Joe Simon.

[Via] Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center
I believe the question of how Kirby felt about Captain America ceasing his role as the Star-Spangled Avenger is from issue #332.

Captain American #332

I think it would also be fitting to go ahead and share that second Captain America: Civil War trailer, right?

[Via] Marvel Entertainment

Heads up, Cap! A new Hero takes the stage!

By the way…I’m totally on Team Cap’s side. I’m sure there will be plenty of blame on both sides to go around by the end of the film but I stand with Rogers…being loyal to your friends is something I feel very strongly about. How about yourself, which side do you stand with?

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