Do You Need These Re-Animator Socks From Fright-Rags? Of Course You Do!

Friends, if you are looking for those special socks for the horror fan in your life, something that might re-animate their wardrobe then I think Fright-Rags has just the thing you are attempting to dig up!

Now you too can keep those toes nice and warm…not to mention keeping the blood flowing with a pair of Re-Animator socks. What pair of feet wouldn’t look stylish with Herbert West’s signature reagent in a syringe?
Herbert West - ReAnimator

All images courtesy of Fright-Rags.Com

All images courtesy of Fright-Rags.Com

Fright-Rags has other options for those of you that keep the ways of the Autumn People in their hearts year-round with socks that proudly show off plastic vampire fangs, horror ‘stickers’, and even a favorite weapon of Sam’s from Trick ‘R Treat to punish those that don’t follow the rules…the deadly candy pumpkin lollipop!
Trick 'r Treat - Pumpkin Lollipop
Sam - Trick 'r Treat
So hop on over to Fright-Rags Official Store and secure some of these frightening clothing options for your loved ones or yourself!

“Dr. Hill…do you want me to cancel those sock orders for you?”

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