Does Anyone Remember Heinz Batman Pasta?

Yesterday while prowling the internets I came across this 1992 ad for Heinz Batman Pasta…and in all honesty I have no recollection of this Batman: The Animated Series tie-in…at all.

Now I find this odd as I was and still am a HUGE BTAS fan because in all honesty I feel that it is one of the best representations of the Batman mythos ever. I do not actually believe this was something you would have seen on TV, of course I could be wrong but to me it seems like this is something that would have been shown to vendors or perhaps at a trade show.

[Via] That 90s Guy

Why I might go so far as to say this quandary of if this was a real product or not is worthy of a challenge from The Riddler!

UPDATE: It would seem that my fellow Retroist writer, Daniel XIII, is worthy of the Riddler’s challenge as he found this set of ads that were aired on YTV in 1992/1993. The Batman pasta ad is located at the :36 mark.

[Via] The Password is Fail

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