It Took Me 34 Years But I Finally Got This 1982 Pac-Man Tin Top!

Okay. I’ve got to be honest here. That headline is totally a lie. I didn’t get this awesome Ohio Art tin top featuring Pac-Man and the Ghosts…it was donated to the arcade. Although that doesn’t mean I can’t just sit up in the office and press the plunger down to spin it faster and faster, right?


I like the fact that the Ghosts come in two colors.

Pac Man - Ohio Art - Top 3

I was far too old for a spinning top toy when this beauty was originally released in 1982 but even back then I was trying to collect certain video game items…without much success I’m afraid to say. Even though it belongs to the arcade I am more than grateful that future Pac-Man fan can visit and see such items on display for posterity. Now…if I can just get some of that delicious Pac-Man cereal again I’ll be set!

[Via] The Museum of Classic Chicago Television

You know…like Christian Bale in this Pac-Man cereal commercial!

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