Dolph Lundgren…In the (Other) Role He Was Born to Play!

A not-so-long time ago, on Earth….

(Sorry, I’m not a space traveler)

About a decade or so ago (which doesn’t exactly feel like a lifetime, believe it or not), my mom and I were in her car, and I had made mention of the Masters of the Universemovie. You know, the live-action He-Man movie from the 1980s. My mom, who had never seen the movie, says to me: “Wasn’t He-Man played by the guy from the one Rocky movie…you know, the Russian guy?”

That question was hilarious, surprising, and not-mom-like all in the same instance.

“Why yes, mom He-Man was played by Dolph Lundgren. How did you know that?”

“Have you seen his muscles? He was clearly born to play that part!”

Give mom five points for that last statement.

So my mom clearly gets the fact that Dolph Lundgren (aka the Russian Guy from the one Rocky movie…we won’t deduct points for forgetting it was Rocky IV) was born to play He-Man. But apparently he is also clearly born to take the reigns of another European Muscle Man when it comes to sequels of 26-year-old family comedies.

I was on Facebook a little while ago (something I do while I’m eating my lunch), and came across this trailer:

[Via] moviemaniacsDE

Yes, this is a thing. Yes, that is Dolph Lundgren. And yes, law enforcement likes them huge, hulking, and foreign. He plays Agent Reed, an FBI agent who is undercover as a Kindergarten teacher in order to recover a missing flash drive from the Federal Witness Protection Program. Of course, like Detective John Kimble before him, he thinks this couldn’t possibly be a difficult assignment.

Perhaps he should have spoken to Kimble about the pitfalls of assumption.

I’ll calm your fears immediately – this will not be a theatrical release. It will be straight-to-DVD and Digital HD on May 17, 2016.

But of course, if you’re not huge on sequels, may I suggest a little walk down memory lane?

[Via] Universal Movies


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