Do You Remember Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Board Game?

About three years ago I shared my memories on the 1975 board game for Walt Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a game that was developed and published by Lakeside Toys. That was not however the only Walt Disney relate game they released as in 1972 they also created the Haunted Mansion board game!

Images courtesy of the And Everything Else Too Blog.

Images courtesy of the And Everything Else Too Blog.

Thanks to the And Everything Else Too Blog for the wonderful Lakeside catalog images you see in this post. Make sure to visit that site by following the link provided because it’s owner, Karswell, happened to take them from a catalog he actually purchased from a former employee of Lakeside!

Haunted Mansion Spread - Lakeside Catalog - and everything else too Blog

Haunted Mansion Blurb - Lakeside - and everything else too blog

Haunted Mansion Blurb 2 - Lakeside - an everything else too Blog

I have had the pleasure of playing this board game in my youth. My Father being a single parent had to sometimes ask Family members to watch me after school or during Summer breaks. One of my favorite places to spend the afternoon was my Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ricky, mostly because my Cousin Chip was an amazing artist and had awesome board games like Dark Tower!

Dark Tower - Jonathan Harrison - Board Game Geek

Chip happened to be about 10 years my senior so a lot of times that meant I was lucky enough to received hand me downs in the form of comic books (Weird War Tales for the win!), even some clothes…ugh…and board games. Like Disney’s The Haunted Mansion.

The object of the game is 2 to 4 players attempt to travel through the Ghostly Galleries of the Gracey Manor and it’s grounds, but the rotating discs that are embedded in the game “board” can halt that progress or help of course…then there is the Wrathful Raven who can swoop down from it’s perch to block your progress.

Haunted Mansion - 3 D model

Check out this great CG model of the game from witttiger93’s YouTube channel!

It was a fantastic game and one that I honestly wish I still owned…I do not recall ever getting rid of it…perhaps one of those 999 ghosts from the Haunted Mansion took it to play with his friends?


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