Batman V Superman – 1966 Edition Is The Summer Film I Want To See!

Just the other day as I was lurking around the interwebs I happened upon this pretty fun spoof on the upcoming Batman V Superman. This spoof as you can plainly see is made up using clips from the 1952 Adventures of Superman, 1966’s Batman, and of course 1975’s Wonder Woman television series. Although there are a few more surprises in the video itself…

I really enjoyed Leo Curbelo Films’ mixing of the dialogue from the new film with some classic television, in particular I loved the marrying of Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor lines with that of the images of Peter Tork of the Monkees. I think Leo’s excellent work of matching the dialogue almost nearly perfectly with the television clips should most definitely be applauded.

On March 25 we can all see Batman V Superman in theaters…I somehow doubt though that it will be quite as fun and lighthearted as this spoof.

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