The Rocketeer By Des Taylor Is The Animated Serial We Fans Deserve!

I have shared some of the stunning illustrations from the talented Des Taylor once or twice before on this site, everything from his version of the Fleischer Brothers’ Superman to Dick Tracy. I have no qualms admitting to being a huge fan of Taylor’s work. I think it’s very easy to see why.

All images courtesy of Des Taylor.

All images courtesy of Des Taylor.

His Rocketeer art though…makes me so incredibly happy…as it allows us to get just that briefest glimpse into a more perfect world. One where the Walt Disney Studio wisely decides to open up Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin and throw its content at Des Taylor to allow him to bring his vision of Dave Stevens’ iconic pulp hero to theaters in an animated serial form!

The Rocketeer - Return of the Reichmen

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“The Rocketeer to the Rescue!”

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