The Dead Wrestlers Society

I can’t profess to be a huge fan of wrestling. I did catch the bug when I was young with British champs ‘Big Daddy’ and ‘Giant Haystacks’ and my interest was later ignited with the early days of Hulkmania, but I’m largely immune to the pleasures of the sport. I’m not however immune to the joys of viewing exceptional art, and so when that crosses path with wrestlers of the past, I have to admire it.


The Dead Wrestlers Society website is presented by London-based art studio I LOVE DUST and contains a dozen posters of those wrestling heroes who are no longer with us. The originals were presented in the Aspex Gallery back in 2011 but the website remains for you to appreciate the amazing art.


From the website:

Professional Wrestling has given us some of the most colourful and charismatic characters in sports history. Defying all attempts at labelling or categorisation these huge writhing muscular masses of outrageous behaviour clad in ever-changing wardrobes of flamboyant costumes and crazy color-ways.


If you like what I Love Dust do, I’d recommend you follow them on Tumblr.

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