The 1978 Godzilla Toy From The Shogun Warriors Has Returned!

Thanks to those mad geniuses over at Toynami, Godzilla, the King of the Monsters is once again seeing life as a 19 inch tall replica of the vintage 1978’s Shogun Warriors toy!

Vintage TV Commercials

All Images courtesy of Toynami.

All Images courtesy of Toynami.

From the Toynami site:
“Travel back to the groovy 1970’s with the SHOGUN WARRIORS Godzilla!

Made to replicate the original vintage design, the SHOGUN WARRIORS Godzilla features flicking tongue action, rolling wheels under the feet and a firing right fist! Stands 19 inches tall!!”

I wonder if his tail still pops off...where you can hide candy..and Star Wars figures.

I wonder if his tail still pops off…where you can hide candy..and Star Wars figures.

Shogun Warriors - Godzilla 4 - Toynami

Now…we just need the likes of Gaiking and Great Mazinga to be made available to protect all of our backyards from the King of the Monsters!

Actually we need them to reproduce Raideen and Dragun while they are at it!

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