Battle of the Bullies a.k.a. Revenge of the Nerd -1983

This little film is near and dear to my heart. I watched this one a number of times in 1983. Incidentally, it is considered one of the better known CBS Afternoon Playhouse specials.

A film about Bertram, a nerdy kid who gets picked on by the cooler high school kids. But you wait! Good old Bert gets his revenge in the end; he even gets the girl..sorta. I’ll leave the description at that, as his “revenge” is something every young budding nerd would have considered brilliant!

I felt the need to post this one as I was the spitting image of poor Bertram back in 1983. So for me, it’s a little like visiting my awkward self during those tumultuous early teen years. The original title for the special was: REVENGE OF THE NERD, later renamed BATTLE OF THE BULLIES because of a slightly more popular film released a year later.

This is for every wall-flower, nerdy kid just trying to make friends and maybe capture the attention of a lovely girl that never gave him the time of day. AW, this one’s for you!

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