Dear She-Ra

I’ve been reading the Telepictures’ Princess of Power Magazine during my lunchbreaks recently and I just had to share the innocence of its lovely “Dear She-Ra” pages. The letter writers, all young girls, have an affinity for horses, blond hair and anything pink that I expect is the complete opposite of why young boys were watching her big brother!

Dear She-Ra, I wish you could come visit me on Earth. You could bring all of your friends with you! I am seven years old and I like you a lot.

I like the young Mary Ellis from Stone Harbor in New Jersey. Her 1986 letter is short, to the point, and instantly tells you how much She-Ra meant to her young fans. I wonder if similar role models exist now for young girls? Perhaps the older Mary Ellis has a daughter of her own and is bestowing those Etherian ideals on a new generation?

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