Do You Know How Huge Return Of The Jedi Was In The 1983 Wish Book?

Sears - WB 1983
With Return of the Jedi being released on May 25, 1983 it only makes sense that it would have been on the hot toy items list in the Sears Wish Book for that year. Even so I was totally amazed at just how many items and toys were available that year…so much so that I cannot remotely squeeze them into this single post.

So expect more over the weekend showcasing the clothes, stuffed animals, and various collectibles that were part of the Return of the Jedi line. It wasn’t just Jabba the Hutt overseeing his Droid Dungeon. You also could have asked for the Sears Exclusive, the Imperial Cruiser or even the Imperial Attack Base!
Jabba - Sears - Wish Book 1983
Hoth Base - Sears - Wish Book 1983
Imperial Cruiser - Sears - Wish Book 1983
As I’ve mentioned before on the site I totally wanted that Y-Wing fighter for the longest time…it would take 31 years before I finally got my hands on one though. You could have set your heart on the AT-ST or the Imperial TIE Fighter or even the Speeder Bike if you needed to aim smaller.
Biker Scout - Sears - Wish Book 1983
Scout Walker - Sears - Wish Book 1983Speeder Bike - Sears - Wish Book 1983
Naturally there was a large selection of action figures available for order!
Return of the Jedi - Kenner - Sears - Wish Book 1983
Yoda - Sears - Wish Book 1983
Return of the Jedi - Figures - Sears - Wish Book 1983
With all of those figures you surely needed an easy way to carry them around from your house to your Grandparents, thankfully you had the option of the awesome C-3PO carrying case and another Sears Exclusive…the Space Case!
Space Case - Sears - Wish Book 1983C3PO - Sears - Wish Book - 1983

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