Check Out This 1981 Video School Report On Showbiz Pizza!

I think I’ve made it pretty clear from other posts on the site as well as the Diary of an Arcade Employee Podcast that Showbiz Pizza was a very magical place in my youth. While I certainly recall the hundred plus arcade machines with great fondness I would be lying if I didn’t admit that half the draw for me was seeing the glorious Rock-afire Explosion and Billy Bob interact and perform their covers of popular songs from the Beatles, Elvis, etc.

Showbiz Pizza Place - Token

So I am always delighted to find new photos and videos concerning the place, like in this video uploaded by Snapper Ard, where the young boy named Neil is given a personal tour of Creative Engineering, Inc by Aaron Fechter, the designer and creator of the Rock-afire Explosion! You will get to see some amazing behind the scenes video of the Creative Engineering crew working on the Rock-afire Explosion, happier times for Aaron and his company. Plus…you get to hear a bit of Dook LaRue rock out with his awesome rendition of the 1933 Ted Weems Orchestra song “Heartaches”.

Dook Larue - Heartaches

If you need to hear the entire Dook LaRue number, Carl Livingston has got you covered!

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