Oh The Ease Of The All-New Microsoft Word And Excel!

Since the announcement of it being a thing on August 1, 1988, Microsoft Office has strived to be the most efficient computer software for all of your documentation needs.
Screenshot (388)
Screenshot (391)
Twenty-five years ago today, Office was officially rolled out on November 19, 1990, and through innovation and re-designing, has become an important part of our lives as productive human beings using computers.

In 1992, Microsoft aired two commercials to provide bragging rights ? er, promote their two most important programs ? Word and Excel.
Screenshot (387)
Screenshot (390)
And we’re still laughing about how it looked twenty-three years ago.

We also still hate that paperclip.
Screenshot (389)
Well, they try to make it easier. Give them an “A” for effort.

Allison is the collector of commercials – she boasts a large collection of commercials from the 1940s to the 2000s, and she combs through her archives to hand pick only the best. If you like her work here, please visit her at her home on the interwebs, Allison’s Written Words.

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