Saturday Frights

Saturday Frights: Are You Afraid Of The Dark – The Tale Of The Midnight Madness

Welcome back friends to another offering for Saturday Frights. The Projectionist has been working almost day and night down in the lower levels of the Retroist Vault this past week, he won’t even explain what he is doing…he is being more mysterious than usual.

Which is saying something, right?

Since I am in charge of this evening’s programming I have selected an episode of the second season Are You Afraid of the Dark? entitled “The Tale of the Midnight Madness”. It concerns a young movie theater employee named Pete (Eddie Robinson) who is attempting to save the Rialto an old movie palace he works at from being closed down by the owners. Sadly the Rialto’s glory days have passed it by and the townsfolk choose to frequent the more popular multiplex named the Quad.

Everything changes for the Rialto as well as for Pete and his co-worker Katie (Melanie Wiesenthal) when a mysterious and rather theatrical stranger named Dr. Vink (Aron Tager) arrives and promises he can save the theater if they will just show the old silent film he has with him, one that he just so happened to have made that is all about a Nosferatu. The film does what Dr. Vink promised, when they begin showing it as a Saturday Midnight Madness feature it gains a cult following and packs in the audiences and saves the Rialto.

The problem for Pete and Katie begins when the manager of the theater breaks his deal with Dr. Vink…and that is when the Nosferatu passes from the silver screen to stalk the two young folk through the Rialto!

Will Pete and Katie be able to find a way to stop the blood thirsty monster? You will have to find out for yourself as you join us here on Saturday Frights with Are You Afraid of the Dark and the Tale of the Midnight Madness.

[Via] Hadem Hair

(For what it’s worth, if you ever want to know what it’s like working with the Projectionist down here in the Retroist Vault day after day…just imagine Dr. Vink with a raspier throat.)

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