Take A Break From Fallout 4…Sort Of…With 1951’s “Duck And Cover”!

Are you starting to get hand, arm, neck, and shoulder cramps from playing Fallout 4 for twelve hours straight? Do you feel a need to power down your Pip-Boy for a few moments. Maybe you just want to take a quick break from running for your life from Feral Ghouls or an angry Super Mutant?
Well, we here at Retroist Industries have just the thing for you. A 1951 educational film that will remind you of what to do if the big one drops…or you are being harassed by monkeys with firecrackers!

[Via] Nuclear Vault
Written by Raymond J. Mauer and directed by Anthony Rizzo of Archer Productions in 1951, with narration by Robert Middleton (Get Smart), Duck and Cover was funded by the US Federal Civil Defense Administration.

It also was released on record by Coral Records, sung by Dick Baker and ended up selling 3 million copies.

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