Retro Records: The Headless Horseman Of Sleepy Hollow (1970)

For this Retro Records I had intended to share the book and record version of Walt Disney’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow but then I stumbled upon this 1970 version released by Educational Reading Service and felt it would be a better pick. Because to be absolutely honest I have never had the pleasure of seeing or hearing this book and record before. What little research I’ve found was provided by Vintage Horror Sounds which state on the video that the narration is handled by Alan Cole and this was released by the Scholastic Book Club although I do not recall a time when they offered books and records, do you?

[Via] Vintage Horror Sounds

The video above doesn’t contain the illustrations from the book although I found them over at The Haunted Closet!

Image courtesy of the Haunted Closet.

Image courtesy of the Haunted Closet.

While it may not have that jaunty music by Bing Crosby like the Disney version it is the perfect thing to listen to help yourself get in the Halloween spirit or for the younger kids as they busy themselves getting ready to go out trick or treating this evening!

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