The Original Star Wars Trailer (1976)

Before “A New Hope”, “Star Wars” was just “Star Wars” and in 1976 a trailer was released for a film that would change pop culture and cinema. Its tone was nothing like what you would come to associate with the original film, mostly because it lacked the rousing John Williams’ score that we all know so well. No this one just has narration and its borderline creepy narration. Yet, despite this, people still flocked to see the film.

With the hype and marketing surrounding trailer releases nowadays, I am looking at you “Force Awakens”, it is nice to remember that this is how it all began.


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One thought on “The Original Star Wars Trailer (1976)

  1. I don’t think I had turned 9 yet when I first saw this trailer on TV one night and my kid brain went buzzing in wild speculation as to what the was going on in his movie. It was my very first exposure to Star Wars and had no clue what it was all about.

    I recall that my fired up imagination worked out some kind of plot line involving a weird group of human and alien heroes trying to infiltrate a base in a desert that was guarded by little robot sentries. That shot of the jawa zapping R2-D2 gave me that inspiration.

    It was obvious who the bad guy was and that there was a damsel in distress. All that other stuff seen in that early trailer were things my limited little mind had never conceived of before. I was hopping in my pajamas excited over Star Wars and Summer ’77 seemed like an eternity away.

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