Did You Know the Universal Monsters Were Actually Saints?

Yeah, I was left out the loop on that fact as well but thankfully Greaser Creatures has set us straight on her Etsy store!
Universal Monster Saints - Greaser Creature
I particularly enjoy both Saint Creature from the Black Lagoon and Saint Wolf Man!

All images courtesy of Greaser Creatures' Etsy page.

All images courtesy of Greaser Creatures’ Etsy page.

Saint Wolf Man - Greaser Creature
Now I’m just that big of a Universal Monsters fan as you know from the Saturday Frights podcast when we discussed the Invisible Man so I’m going to have to get my hand on this Prayer candle set by Greaser Creatures…my Mother-in-law is a very strict Catholic so this presentation might cause me some issues. Maybe if I give her Saint Frankenstein’s Monster or Saint Dracula she won’t get too mad?
Universal Monsters Prayer Candle Set

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