Mrs. Butterworth, how come you taste so good?

I love maple syrup. LOVE IT. But growing up, I never got the real stuff, instead I got what I now call “pancake syrup”. My family, when we splurged would buy Log Cabin instead of store brand. I swore by Log Cabin, but I must admit, when I was at my Uncle’s house and he served us up some french toast with Mrs. Butterworth’s, I thought it was pretty swell. I especially like the fancy bottle, which I remember asking to take home after we had finished one while I was there. My Uncle thought it was weird, but he obliged me and I showed it off to my Mother like I had won an academy award or something.

Is it me, or is the animation in this commercial impressive for the late seventies?


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One thought on “Mrs. Butterworth, how come you taste so good?

  1. Max Power says:

    I’d guess that the animation was stop-motion done with a different plastic models of the bottle in each of the motions of the poses. I can’t imagine that anyone could do the effect of a transparent bottle with painted animation cels, or that there was a flexible material for claymation that would look have the transparent look of the bottle.

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