We never replaced our Air Wick Stick Ups

Once in a while, my Mother would go nuts buying air fresheners. Sometimes they were sprays and other times they were more passive fragrance generators like the Air Wick Stick Ups. The sprays could go quickly as my sisters and I would mischievously spray down each other’s rooms (since we all hated the scent). The non-sprays that would hang out on countertops would get tossed as they dried up, but the Stick Ups would linger. Not just for a few months after expiration, but often for years. I remember finding ones we stuck in the house during our Air Wick buying sprees in the eighties, well in the nineties.

I have no clue what would cause my Mother’s sudden compulsion to purchase them en masse, but I reckon it might have something to do with these great commercials.


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One thought on “We never replaced our Air Wick Stick Ups

  1. Max Power says:

    The previous owner of my house was the same way. I was still finding the things 5 years after I moved in.

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