Maybe a True Story about Avalon Hill’s “Dune”

I am sure every SF geek and gamer has seen this ad at some point in their life. It focuses on Avalon Hill’s “Dune” and it takes the form of a client testimonial that may or may not be a true story. While I found the game to be interesting, it is definitely the format of the ad that I found the most memorable. Why would this not be a true story? What is to game from it not being true? Is Avalon Hill messing with me?

My guess is yes and boy did it work. This ad has not run in decades and I can still recall it very clearly.


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One thought on “Maybe a True Story about Avalon Hill’s “Dune”

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    After losing the second Death Star, I heard some Imperical mucky-mucks got pretty heavy into this game, to try to learn something.

    They’re still on the same campaign, to this day.
    We’ll see in a few months if they’ve been successful.

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