This is one Kool Sailboat

I do not love the idea of sailing a giant tobacco advertisement, but these Kool sailboats looks kind of “kool”. I wonder how many of these boats were actually purchased and how many of them are still active? I have seen some postings about these still being sold online and some of them are real deals.

I have my doubts that I will ever see one myself, but if I ever did see one these in the wild I was be ecstatic and would have to spend a good amount of time with it engaged in a photo shoot.

I found this video online that shows a snark in action. Not sure how close it is to the actual Kool boat, but it looks like a whole lot of fun.


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One thought on “This is one Kool Sailboat

  1. Max Power says:

    The good thing about this design is that it’s stable when you’re coughing up bits of black lung.

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