This Ad for Disney’s “The Black Hole” is Glorious

Some ads just knock me out of my chair. This one from 1979, for Disney’s film, “The Black Hole” is one of them. I love the colors, the swirling starfield, the glow on the spaceship and especially the computery looking grid. In a time when I got most of my information about movies from print, ads like this would be cut out and hung on my wall or taped to my notebook.

In the schoolyard or when I had friends over my house, they acted as jumping off points for conversations as we planned our precious entertainment budgets and dreamed of toys that would never be.


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2 thoughts on “This Ad for Disney’s “The Black Hole” is Glorious

  1. Spottedfeather says:

    back then, you couldn’t get your movie info any other way than print. The internet wouldn’t exist for about 13 years.

    I just got a complete set, cars and stickers, of The Black Hole trading cards. Very cool.

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