Did you own a classic pair of Gargoyle Sunglasses?

I was at a flea market last week and spotted a pair of very familiar Gargoyle sunglasses. They were scratches and obviously damaged, but the seller still wanted a pretty penny for them. Why? Because they were the glasses that Arnold wore in “The Terminator”. Not the actual glasses, but the same style. I have to admit, I was slightly tempted to pick them up.

After spotting them I have not been looking for a pair online at a decent price, but nothing has popped up except for the ad you see above.

If you ask me, the people in this ad look less like Terminators and more like the Visitors from “V”. Which, of course, makes me want them even more.


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One thought on “Did you own a classic pair of Gargoyle Sunglasses?

  1. Badwolf says:

    I owned a pair. Fashionable? Yes, but they were less than adequate for doing what they were designed to do – shield your eyes from the sun. In a nutshell: They were expensive but worthless.

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