Saturday Frights: The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Welcome back, dear viewers. Two days prior marked the birth date of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, one of the finest voices in literary horror, a statement you might recall from the Saturday Frights broadcast of Dagon…though with Victor’s droning synopsis it would be quite understandable if you had simply put it out of your thoughts, eh? Heh, heh. (Thanks, Projectionist! -Vic)

To celebrate his literary legacy we have decided to forgo the usual cinematic shorts and episodic television offerings to present you instead the creepy and unwholesome story for the Shadow Over Innsmouth presented by the BBC Radio.

It is time for you to douse your lights and huddle for warmth and protection with those loved ones you cherish and trust the most as we listen to H.P. Lovecraft’s tale of hybrid monstrosities and underwater deities with The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

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