Enjoy this 1987 Ad for Coca-Cola Classic

I like a lot about this ad. It is a great piece of holiday American AND it is a snapshot of the consumer world in 1987. The clothing is apt, even the electronic piano as a gift is perfectly appropriate for the time, but the best thing about this ad are those Coca-Cola Classic cans. They look over-sized and they are still pull tabs. I would have thought that by this point, they replaces most soda cans with the stay-on-tabs by this point. So either they lingered in some places or more likely these are fake cans. That would help to explain the size, a fake can that is larger, would stand out more in the ad (and I think they do).


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One thought on “Enjoy this 1987 Ad for Coca-Cola Classic

  1. Interesting that the Coca-Cola Classic cans in this ad are pull-tabs. I think of pull-tab cans as being something from the ’60s and ’70s. I remember Coke cans in 1987 being pretty much what they are today.

    Here’s a great video from Engineerguy on The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can: https://youtu.be/hUhisi2FBuw

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