Iron Maiden’s Eddie Goes 8-Bit And Beyond In “Speed Of Light”!

I became an Iron Maiden fan very late in my young adulthood. Many of my close friends had even been to some of their legendary shows by the time I popped in my first Maiden remastered CD for 1984’s Powerslave…blown away doesn’t really describe how I felt by the time Back in the Village ended. The very next day I visited my local mall before I reported for my shift and got down to work in picking up the rest of the albums.

So I was incredibly delighted when Daniel XIII shared this new music video over on Facebook. In the band’s latest video we get a slew of video game interpretations of the band’s album covers with Eddie visiting game worlds very familiar to us gamers.

[Via] Iron Maiden

Watching this totally made me want to play some Ed Hunter (Turn down your volume!), be warned it was a rather violent game.

[Via] Antonello Ronga

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